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If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to add some interest to your walls with colour blocking, my post today will share exactly how I created this bold eye-catching feature wall in my bedroom. Thanks to Dulux’s Simply Refresh Range, I was able to complete it in less than a day.

Wall painted in organic colour blocks of pink and yellow with vintage chest of drawers

Now if you are old enough to remember the late 90s, you’ll definitely remember Changing Rooms. The TV show where two sets of designers alongside two sets of homeowners were challenged to create a brand new space for the other team. When I moved to the UK in 2001, it was well-established and I quickly realised it was must-watch TV. Watching the reactions of each couple as their rooms were revealed was always a wild ride – would they love it? Would they hate it? And seeing how bold some of the design ideas were couldn’t be more entertaining as we all realised just how versatile MDF really was!

Well, you may have heard that Changing Rooms has had a reboot on Channel 4 for 2021 with Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen back with his OTT glam style (bold as ever, clad in leather!) alongside two new designers to the programme, Jordan and Russell of 2LG Studio with their love of clashing brights and pastels. And just like its predecessor, it’s must-see TV with both teams creating all the drama and excitement we would expect, using Dulux paints, the sponsor of the show.

Dulux has challenged me to create something fun and easy with their paints in celebration of Changing Rooms being back on our screens. Thankfully, I didn’t have to ask my neighbours to let me have free reign in their homes! I chose a plain corner of my bedroom to create a cute organic colour blocking feature that you could replicate yourself using their Simply Refresh Range. The beauty of this particular paint is that it goes on in one coat so there is no waiting in between coats for the paint to dry so your project will be done in record time!

So here’s the before…

Bedroom Corner Before showing white walls with vintage chest of drawers

And here’s the after…

Organic free form colour blocks on wall in pinks and yellow with vintage chest of drawers and dried flowers

Ready to create it yourself? Here’s what you’re going to need and how I did it…

What You’ll Need

Dulux Simply Refresh Range One Coat Paint

  • Dulux Simply Refresh Range of Paints: I used Natural Hessian, Raspberry Diva, Golden Sands and Pressed Petal. (The room had already been painted previously in Dulux Brilliant White so I didn’t need to paint the white stripe!)
  • Painter’s Tape (I used it along the skirting boards and door frame)
  • Pencil
  • Floor Protector
  • 2″ paint brushes
  • 3/4″ paint brushes
  • Large roller
  • Small roller
  • Paint trays

How to Create Free-Form Colour Blocking

Colour block wall with organic waves in bedroom


Step One: Create the design using a pencil

Pencil lines on white wall showing where colour block will go

While you could easily create stripes of different colours using painter’s tape, I wanted something that was a little more organic and free-flowing so I decided to free-hand the design using a pencil to mark out where each colour block would go.

Try not to think too hard about the lines, let your arm relax and create the waveforms in a relaxed motion.

Step Two: Make any Adjustments in Pencil

Pencil lines on white wall showing where colour block will go

Once the lines were done, I stood back and made a few adjustments to the line placement. You can see in this picture that I made some changes but when you’re using the Dulux One Coat range, the pencil lines were easily covered so it’s very forgiving if you make a mistake!

Step Three: Outline Each Block and Fill In

Outlining then filling in

Once you’re happy with your line placement, you’ll want to work with one colour at a time so I used the 3/4″ brush to create an outline of each colour block first to make nice smooth outlines. I then went back in with a larger paintbrush or roller to fill in the colour.

Step Four: Leave to Touch Dry Between Sections

painting outlines

Once each block was touch dry (this took less than 30 minutes, it was a very warm day!), I’d move on to the next block, making sure the small paintbrush was nicely loaded with paint to create a smooth line.

painting outlines 2

And filled them in succession… (with a very helpful inspector as you can see here!)

filling in the outlines for organic colour blocking

Because the Simply Refresh Range allows you to create a bold statement in just one coat, there’s no waiting to recoat and you can finish your project quite quickly!

Organic wall art mural with paint

I was amazed at how thick and creamy the paints were and how good the coverage was. It did exactly what it said on the tin! The Natural Hessian colour was still wet in places above but it didn’t take long at all to dry, allowing me to enjoy my room by the same afternoon!

wave form mural with paint in bedroom

To finish the styling of the area, I used items that worked with my pink and yellow colour theme with some natural textures, florals and plants. A few books, some jewellery and a candle finished it all off nicely.

I now have a really cute corner rather than a boring plain one! I was super impressed at just how easy the Dulux Simply Refresh range was to use and how incredible the coverage was. In fact, one 2.5L tin will cover four walls of an average size room so I still have plenty of paint left in my tins to carry on with more simple projects around my home.

If you want to add light, colour or personality to your own space, there are 30 core colours in the Simply Refresh range alongside 15 additional colours in the ‘Feature Wall’ collection with everything from fresh modern neutrals and muted tones to darker, bolder and brighter shades too. I’d love to know if this is a little project you’d try and which colours you’d choose?  

Thanks so much to Dulux for sponsoring this post. Check out all the projects and inspiration from Changing Rooms here. I only work with brands I really like and think you’ll like too! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Swoon Worthy.

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