I don’t know about you but I’ve been on high alert all this week trying to get all my Christmas shopping done. We are now less than 2 weeks until Christmas (ACK!) and if, like me, you are finding yourself time-strapped during this time of year, I thought I’d put together a few shopping guides to help reduce some of the noise we are all bombarded with to panic buy whatever crap comes our way.

It’s always nice to choose presents for people that are more thoughtful and take into account what they actually might like and enjoy so, just as I did last year, I’m going to be sharing a few different gift guides over the coming days for your friends and family that take into account their interests and hobbies.

Christmas Gift Guides - The Animal Lover The Feminist The Woo Head

Today is the turn of three different personality types – The Animal LoverThe Feminist and The Woo Head. Later this week, I’ll share 6 more so if you don’t see your friends or family’s hobbies or interests in this particular post, stay tuned. And also, perhaps these will give you some ideas of what to add to your own personal Christmas list (no judgement here).

I’ve tried to include a wide selection in terms of price points too. So you’ll find things on each list that range in price from under a tenner to well over a hundred depending on your budget. This means you’ll find everything from Secret Santa presents or stocking stuffers all the way to luxury products for your most favouritest people in the world. Shall we get started?

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The Animal Lover Gift Guide

They’ve probably already got an Instagram account for their favourite furry friend (which inexplicably has more followers than you do) and they can’t bear to leave the house without knowing their pet pal is utterly spoiled. These gifts are for our fur-baby-loving friends and family who probably prefer the company of their animals to humans (and sometimes you can’t blame them). Spoil them and spoil their favourite fur baby with gorgeous gifts for both animals and their owners/servants.

The Animal Lover Christmas Gift Guide

Pet Shampoo Bar / Ash Pet Bed / Tiger Print / Salt & Pepper Shakers / Dog Walker Art / Personalised Pet Bowl / Rattan Pet Bed / The Oatmeal Book / Brass Pet Bowl / Pet Wipes


The Feminist Gift Guide

She’s fierce, she’s not taking any shit from anyone and she’s the one you run to when the patriarchy just gets too much. She knows her stuff – everything from inclusion to intersectionality – and she’s not afraid to let people know – which, okay, sometimes makes her a bit scary but that’s part of the reason you love her so much. She’s also the kind of person who will always lift you up with an encouraging word or advice. She’s often giving a hand to those with less privilege than she has and she loves to use her voice to empower and unite. These are the gifts for your most fearless, most kickass friend.

The Feminist Christmas Gift Guide

Empowered Women Poster / Feminist Tee Shirt / F*ckboy Pin / Brains Mug / Finger Poster / Feminism Art Book / She Speaks Book / Rebellion Mug / Lady Legs Print / Tote Bag


The Woo-Head Gift Guide

For the lights in your life, these are for those around you who always remind you of the big picture, who seem to have a gift for making you feel calm and for always sharing their insights. They’ve already memorised The Secret and their alignment with their higher self gives you the hope that perhaps you can manifest your dreams into reality as well. Show them it’s not just the Universe that has their backs but you do too with these thoughtful gifts.

The Woo Head Christmas Gift Guide Manifestation Law of Attraction

Gratitude Journal / Floor Cushion / Face Roller / LOA Planner / Choker Necklace / Citrine Water Bottle / Oracle Cards / Smudge Sticks / Peace & Quiet Book / Body Bath / Incense Dish / Crystal Kit


Do you know any friends or family who fit into these groups (I think I’m probably all three to be fair!)? Let me know if you have any favourites of the items I’ve chosen in the comments below and let me know if you’ve finished or started your Christmas shopping yet!

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