Like so many other people, I binged watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series in the first few weeks of January. To be fair to us, we did well before we moved house last year, ridding ourselves of so many items we no longer needed. I donated loads to charity, gave plenty away to friends and family and used a removal service for almost everything else which meant we weren’t moving things we no longer needed or loved into our new home. Looking back, I wish I’d been a bit more brutal and let go of more than I did (even though it was quite a bit!) but I wasn’t sure what we’d need when we moved in so I was a bit cautious about those things I was unsure of.

Living room with french mirror and basket storage

Despite the fact I feel like I can do with another clear out, watching that show, I realised we were in a pretty good place in terms of clutter. We haven’t lived here long enough to amass too much more and our loft is still pretty organised and I don’t have any ‘closets of shame’ or rooms we are simply using for storage. So that’s all good. But I did end up reorganising drawers, shelves and cabinets each time I watched an episode – it’s pretty inspiring stuff! And my god, if Marie isn’t just the sweetest! It’s easy to warm to her immediately and I kind of wanted to adopt her.

I am desperate, however, to get some shelving up in our cellar to organise our tools – it’s the only area of the house that I’d be embarrassed to show Marie! – but we’ll be working on that job fairly soon. I also got some under bed storage boxes from Wilko (just £3!!) last week which allowed me to put all my summer clothing away. It freed up lots of space on my bulging clothing rail and the chest of drawers in our guest bedroom – heaven! I Kondo’d my drawers in my dressing room and managed to pack up a couple of bags of clothes that need to go to charity and this weekend, I finally cleared out and sold the sideboard in my dining room that I wanted to get rid of.

dressing room chest of drawers and clothing rail

I’ve also repurposed some baskets I had in the living room which you can see in the first image above. One is tucked behind the sofa that holds small kindling for the fireplace and the other is to the side which holds fire logs. I am looking for a few more items to keep me organised in my office next. I just need to spend a bit of time going through it all and rid myself of those items I no longer need (or ‘spark joy’!) and so I’ve been on the hunt for affordable but cute items I can use to corral any ‘necessary’ clutter.

I know the go-to is normally clear plastic boxes (god knows I have plenty of them!) but there are always more stylish ways to corral your clutter! In my searches, I’ve found so many really cute and super affordable pieces that I thought I’d share those with you today.

storage in dressing room - shelves looking into bedroom

Every single one of these is pretty and practical and all are under £30 with plenty of them much less than that. I’ve found things that are handy all over the house and can easily be adapted to any room, whether they are sat on your shelving in the living room, tucked inside a wardrobe or used on your desk or vanity.

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Corral the Clutter Edit

17 Cute & Affordable Storage Solutions

Set of Cotton Storage Boxes / Set of Pattern Boxes / Water Hyacinth Cube / Set of Felt Storage Baskets / Set of Rope Baskets / Clear Stacking Box / Wall Tidy / Wood Box / Linen Zip Box / 3 Drawer Chest / Duvet Storage Bag / Water Hyacinth Underbed Trunk / Laundry Bag / Jute Storage Basket / Acrylic Organiser / Hand-painted Chest / Set of Storage Jars

Have you been organising your home and tackling the clutter this month? Have you picked up any cute storage items? Any favourites of the items I’ve chosen? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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