Today marks the last of my Christmas Gift Guide week! I’ve been sharing loads of great gift ideas for loads of different personality types and individual interests and I really hope you’ve found some useful bits and pieces for your nearest and dearest. My final three gift guides are here… The Mixologist, The Plant Whisperer and The Foodie!

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As ever, there are plenty of choices for every budget – from your luxury splurges to mid-range pieces to great gifts for under a tenner! I’ve worked so hard on all of these gift guides and believe it or not, they’ve taken me days and days to compile because I really wanted to share some of the loveliest things that I would be thrilled to give and equally, thrilled to get! So it’s time to get shopping… (or adding to your own wish list!)


The Mixologist

This is for the person who takes their cocktail making very seriously. Giving Tom Cruise a run for his money, they’re forever concocting delicious delectables with a powerful punch whenever the occasion calls. Whatever their poison, there are plenty of fantastic gifts to take their talents to the next level. From sparkling drink shimmers to the coolest cooling rocks, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your favourite mixologist here.

The Mixologist Christmas Gift Guide

150 Bars book / vodka decanter / rum cooling stones / cocktail shaker / cocktails tea towel set / gold drink shimmer / portable smoker / gin board game / essential cocktail collection / cocktail binder


The Plant Whisperer

You know the one friend or family member who seems to be growing their very own urban jungle? The one that calls each and every plant baby by name? And she can probably rattle off not just the common name but also the Latin name and will happily share cuttings with you. This is the person on your list who you can entrust to bring your dying plants back to life with some much-needed advice and for whom the expression ‘too many plants’ is just not a thing (it isn’t, by the way). My gift guide covers all the things your plant whispering pal needs to tend their indoor garden.

The Plant Whisperer Christmas Gift Guide

ceramic footed pot / raised metal planter / hanging planter / monthly plant subscription / ceramic planter on stand / plant mister / grow your own tree / hand therapy cream / framed print


The Foodie

And last but certainly by no means least, is our favourite foodie. These gifts are for that friend that loves nothing more than finding unusual ingredients for their next perfect dish and for whom “Eat Pray Love” was an instructional guide to their lives. Whether it’s truffle pancakes or a Moroccan feast, these are the perfect luxury products you just won’t find in your local supermarket. I actually don’t know many people who don’t love a good food gift!

The Foodie Christmas Gift Guide

truffle risotto set / room diffuser / acacia honeycomb / Louisana-style hot sauce / chilli tomato pickle set / gourmet escape experience / truffle oil collection / coffees of the world set / balsamic infused sea salt


Hopefully, you’ve been able to think of the friends and family members on your Christmas gift list that all these various fun products would apply to! I know my own Christmas wish list has just gotten a lot bigger pulling them together (whoops) ;) Next week, I’ll be sharing some more the Christmas decor in my home so be sure you don’t miss that! In the meantime, any favourites of the items I’ve chosen?

Lots of these gifts from all my gift guides will be on my Christmas Gift Guide page so be sure to check that out too!

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