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I admit, a few years ago when I heard that the EU would eventually introduce a ban on halogen bulbs, I panicked a bit. I considered stockpiling them, buying enough to last me a good few years so that I could continue to use them in my home. I know, not very environmentally-friendly of me, right?

Phillips LED Deco range supersize bulbs

The thing is, that when they were first introduced, LED bulbs were seriously ugly. The light cast from them was sharp and blue, the white coils twisted grotesquely and they just didn’t have the romantic charm of a simple clear bulb, the filament shining a warm soft light on a space. I wish I could have told myself back then, I needn’t had worried.

Since then, LED bulbs have come a long way. They are much more environmentally friendly, consuming 80% less energy compared to their halogen predecessors and lasting a staggering 15 times longer. With climate change on everyone’s minds at the moment, that’s a good enough reason to be using them. However, you no longer have to compromise on style.

Phillips LED Deco Range in Dressing Room

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have been introduced that re-create that charm and softness of halogens and Philips LED lights are at the forefront of this change with a huge selection of beautiful LED filament bulbs that look just as stunning bare as they do within a light fitting.

Phillips LED Deco Range at night

The most exciting introduction yet to their offerings is the new LED Deco range – a supersized bulb with a thin single vertical filament, creating a crisp and clean ambience. Of course, I’ve seen and admired the smaller filament LED bulbs in many settings – from coffee houses to restaurant design to many homes around the world. It’s true, the standard sizes are ubiquitous now with cool, industrial design but these new bulbs take this look to a whole other level.

Phillips LED Deco range of supersized LED Filament bulbs

Philips sent me three of their supersized Deco LED vintage bulbs for my dressing room: the Globe, measuring approximately 29cm high with a circumference of 63cm; the Teardrop, measuring approximately 27cm high and 51cm circumference at it’s widest point; and the bold Tubular design, measuring approximately 27cm high with a 22cm circumference. When they say ‘giant bulbs’, they really do mean it! While each one could easily be used singularly anywhere in the home, grouping a set of three creates real impact. Despite their supersize shape, the softly antiqued glass surrounding the bulbs means they don’t take up too much visual space so, despite the room being on the small side, the bulbs didn’t need to be. Using larger clear glass means your eye can see through them, figuratively (and literally) creating visual lightness with all of the impact of playing with scale.

Phillips Lighting Deco LED Filament bulbs in dressing room

In fact, it’s one of my favourite design tricks in the book – supersizing something can make all the difference in your home. Whether it’s a huge piece of artwork, an oversized floral print blown-up to mural size or indeed, a huge lightbulb, playing with scale gives a room wow-factor and these light bulbs certainly give my little room the fun touch it needed.

Supersize LED filament bulbs from Phillips Lighting with brass fixtures

I paired the bulbs with brass fittings and soft pink cables as well, showing you aren’t hemmed in by style when it comes to using these bulbs. The space is, of course, glamorous and feminine and a million miles away from what you might consider industrial design and yet, the LED Deco range fits right in. I could imagine using these bulbs in a row above a breakfast bar or lighting up a dark alcove in a living room or hanging as pendants above bedside tables. Philips do also carry a range of hardware to mount your lights as well in a simple, contemporary black design as well as an antique brass.

LED Supersized filament bulbs from Phillips Lighting

While I chose from the vintage range, Philips also carries the Deco LED Giant Modern range which has a sleek silvered finish which would work beautifully in a more contemporary setting. Each range – the vintage and the modern – different slightly, from the shape of the filament to the finish and coating of the accompanying suspension cord for two totally different looks. The vintage range lends well to a more traditional setting (like my Victorian home) whereas the modern range gives a more minimalistic and contemporary impression if that’s the look you’re after – they really are remarkably versatile!

Philips LED Modern Deco

Image via Philips Lighting showing off the Philips Deco LED Modern Range

Rowena Lee, Senior Vice President, Business Group LED, explains the idea behind the range, “Inspired by the large light bulbs we used to create for lighthouses many years ago, our decorative giant LED collection taps into the paired back trend for lighting whereby the bulb does the talking, removing the need for lampshades. In the collection, we’ve fused and updated a classic industrial look with a bold and simplistic design to create a beautiful and striking silhouette to transform the home.”

Looking into dressing room - Phillips LED Deco Range

If you’re interested in the specs, the vintage range delivers a colour temperature of 2000 Kelvin in an E27 fitting and 470 lumens whilst the modern range delivers 4000 Kelvin in an E27 fitting and 270 lumens. The bulbs in both ranges have a 13-year lifespan, equivalent to 15,000 hours with dimming suitable for relaxing and enjoying this unique style in your home.

Dressing Room with giant LED lighting from Phillips Lighting

I’m rather smitten with my new lighting and it’s great to know that my impact on the environment using these bulbs is so much less and yet I’m not compromising on style at all. I would love to know what you think of Philips LED Deco range and if they’d be something you’d choose for your own home? The comment box awaits!

Disclaimer: This is a paid advertisement for Philips Lighting but as always, I only feature brands I really like and think you’ll love too! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Swoon Worthy.




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