I realise that things have been a little quiet around here of late! If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I have been away in Portugal for 8 glorious days. Having been invited to a wedding there by two friends, a group of us figured we’d make the most of the stunning location in the Douro Valley (Portugal’s wine region) and rent a villa on the grounds of a vineyard. The weather was perfection – near enough 30 degrees C every day and so we enjoyed plenty of Portuguese wine, threw a pool party, had gorgeous meals and generally just enjoyed the region. And of course, the wedding was spectacular, set amongst the vineyards and was simply a beautiful day and night. I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant week away and we had so much fun.

But of course, I’m back now, catching up on my inbox and work and feeling slightly guilty at how I’ve neglected my little space here on the Internet so I’m hoping to rectify that a bit today. Now, I’ve never been one for decorating for Halloween really, however, I have always been attracted to a slight bit of edginess in my designs. Basically, the stuff you put in a room that makes you look twice – eclectic curiosities, a slightly subversive message, a little bit of dark humour. It’s always a great way to create intrigue and add a bit of personality to a room.

Last year, I talked about using decor in your home that doesn’t necessarily scream ‘Halloween’ but gives it a little bit of a gothic glam look and so I thought I’d do a bit of a roundup post today to ease myself back into the cooler season – a stark contrast to the warm sunny skies of Portugal for sure! I figured I’d check out some of my favourite small independent stores for inspiration and as always, they certainly didn’t disappoint.

You won’t find any pumpkins in my roundup nor will you see anything that is overtly of the season. And the bonus of that is that you can use this kind of decor all year long although I do think it works particularly well during the darkest months of the year when you can embrace your inner goth.

Gothic Glam Decor for Halloween or All Year Long

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All of these products are from three independent stores that I have always adored – always on the cusp of the coolest stuff and theyΒ all embrace a little eccentricity as well. So you’ll find that glamorous skull perfume decanter, the fabulous face plates and the ‘Bugger Off’ doormat and more at Audenza. Over at Rockett St George, you’ll find so much wonderful weirdness like that stunning monkey pendant lampshade, the ‘Bliss & Mischief’ candle and that amazing crow trinketΒ dish. Then if you really want to get your gothic glam on, check out The French Bedroom Company which may surprise you because they have so much more than just French styled designs – it’s where that amazing black wire lamp is from as well as the monkey candelabra.

I’d love to know what you think of my little gothic glam roundup! Any favourites of the items I’ve chosen? And would you prefer to decorate for Halloween with just a touch of subversiveness or do you go full on gores and ghouls? Let me know in the comments!

This isn’t in any way a sponsored post and no affiliate links have been used here – I just really like these brands and wanted to share!

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