Somehow, it’s August and it’s still like a kajillion degrees outside. I admit this summer has been one of the driest and warmest I can remember in a very long time so I’m certainly not going to complain – it’s actually been rather glorious despite my lawn currently looking like straw. It feels as though everything has slowed down and even I have taken life a little easier the last month or so and it’s actually been really nice.

The evidence of this may be clear to those of you who read Swoon Worthy pretty regularly. I try to post to a fairly strict schedule but you may have noticed I’ve not been posting quite as much on the blog recently and that’s partially due to the fact that I simply don’t get as many visitors to my blog during the summer holidays – it seems it’s not just me who slows down. The mid-summer quiet means I’ve been able to do a few bits behind the scenes, working on projects and ideas and general life admin that I just never get the chance to concentrate on. I’m also rather enjoying that my inbox is a little quieter at this time of year.

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H&M Home Summer to Autumn

Patterned tablecloth / pattern mugs / glass tumbler / glass carafe / porcelain teapot / gold forks

However, even I know it won’t be long before the temperature starts to dip, September comes and things go crazy again and I know I’ll be longing for the days when things were just a bit hotter, a bit stiller, a bit quieter. So I’m taking advantage of it all while I have the chance!

H&M Home bathroom accessories

glass vase / leopard toothbrush mug / leopard porcelain pot / glass soap pumpΒ / small amber pot / jacquard towels / printed towels

Anyway, I’ve been having a look at H&M Home – it’s one of those online stores where I almost always find things I love and their prices can rarely be beaten when it comes to fun, on-trend pieces that won’t break the bank. I’ve always said that if you fancy trying out a trend, the best way to do that is by introducing small doses in your accessories. And with H&M Home, there are plenty of opportunities to do just that.

H&M Home

All the gorgeous images in this post are from H&M. Their styling team is just unbelievable and they choose the most gorgeous settings to show off their line. I often wistfully wish I could just move into one of their product shots! (Shame they don’t sell that sofa or coffee table on their site!) And while I might not be able to move into these beautiful location shoots, it is, of course, possible to get the look with some of their wonderful accessories.

So I thought that today I’d share some cute accessories that I think are the perfect transitional accessories as we prepare to move not just our lives but our homes as well from Summer to Autumn…

Summer to Autumn Transitional Accessories for Home

Top to bottom: green stoneware pot / jungle cushion / brass lamp / colour block cushion / oval mirror / leopard mug / jungle candle / mustard towel / glass soap dispensers / gold oval tray / blush velvet cushion cover / zebra plate

I think one of my favourite colours for Autumn is mustard yellow. It works so beautifully with Summer’s favourite, blush pink. Throw in a bit of moss green in the mix as well if you like for a beautiful combination that will work just as well into the cooler months. Coloured glass has been a trend for a while as have ceramics and both materials will add additional textural contrast to your room scheme.

H&M Home leopard plates

These mugs and plates have my name written all over them! Leopard mug / Gold SpoonsΒ / Sadly the leopard plates don’t appear to be in stock anymore but these are similar

While you certainly don’t have to redecorate every time the seasons change, a few swaps here and there or an update in your small accessories will almost always make a room feel fresh again. It may be a cliche by now but things like mirrors, trays, candles, throws and cushions are always a relatively safe bet for lifting your space. I pretty much always make some room in my home for all of them each season. And of course, I can never resist adding a few pieces to my table setting collections so of course, their range of leopard porcelain dishes and mugs are on the top of my list!

What are your favourite colours and pieces to add to your home when it comes to transitioning seasons? I’d love to know if you have a favourite out of the items I’ve chosen here too! The comment box awaits!

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