I think I can officially say summer is here. With temperatures swelling to nearly 30 degrees here in Shropshire and surpassing that in certain areas of the country, everything sort of slows down, the heat pushes down on you like an additional layer of gravity and doing anything too quickly feels almost painful.

I hadn’t planned on taking a break from the blog but as you may know, we in the midst of quite a bit of dust, as half our house is rewired for new electrics. We’ve managed pretty well so far but with the electrics on and off intermittently through the day, it’s become a little more difficult to get much done!

They are meant to be done by the end of the week and in all honesty, the electricians we’ve hired have been excellent. It’s so hard to find decent tradesmen but so far, I’m extremely impressed with the guys we’ve had here this week – always professional, friendly, showing up on time, working as ‘cleanly’ as possible and tidying up each night before they leave. Despite all this, it’s dirty, dusty work and I start and end each day with a shower, the grit sticking to me in the heat. It’s liveable but not particularly pleasant.


Next week, I’m off on a really exciting press trip to Madrid and Valencia with AC Hotels which I’m super excited about and while it’ll be wonderful to escape the dust and grime of the house for a bit, it means I’m away from the comfort of my office and I’m not sure if I’ll get much time to update the blog.

So, I’m giving in to it. I haven’t had much time off for quite a while (not since the week we moved house which wasn’t exactly a holiday) and seeing that it’s summer, I figure cutting myself a bit of a break with regard to my schedule is probably overdue!

I will, however, be sharing updates over on my Instagram. In fact, you can see what’s been happening so far in terms of the electric work we’re having done – and I’ll be sharing lots there around my trip to Spain so make sure you’re following me over there for the full scoop!

In the meantime, I’ll see you on the other side with hopefully some fun updates, details from my trip and a rewired living room and bedroom which means…. we’ll be able to start doing the real decorating work around here shortly. CAN’T WAIT.

See you soon!

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