I’ve been a big fan of Oliver Bonas for quite a few years. The little yellow sofa (called a ‘love tub’ – how cute is that?!) back in 2012 (6 years ago now!) from them and I’ve had a bit of a love affair for their airy light trend-led pieces ever since. They still sell those love tubs in so many different colours and I’ve been tempted more than once to buy a second one. The perfect tiny sofa for any tiny space.

vintage art deco style cabinet with small yellow velvet loveseat

I was having a look at their website the other day and there were just so many things I would love to get for the new house so I thought I’d do a little roundup here today. I realise they sell clothing and accessories too but we’ll just stick with homewares for the time being. While some of their items are definitely geared for a much younger generation than myself, they have so many quirky, contemporary and sweet designs, I really do believe they can be integrated into just about any style.

Many of their products are very trend-led and I find them fairly reasonably priced as well so they are perfect for just dipping your toes into a trend that has caught your eye without a huge investment. Pastels, gold, marble, velvet and faux fur are all really big trends right now and they have products that fit these categories in abundance! So, basically, heaven for me. I’m also seriously into the combination of berry, blush, rose and peach shades combined with gold right now so you’ll have to forgive me for another indulgence exploring these kinds of colours.

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Top Picks from Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas Shopping Roundup Buying Guide in Berry Blush and Gold

Picture Frame / Makeup Bag / Fringe Lamp / Incense Holder / Confetti Carafe / Confetti Tumbler / Rose Confetti Cushion / Pebble Mirror / Claret Chair / Cheese Knives / Marble Tray / Pin Board / Berry Vase / Floor Lamp

I’m seriously considering that fringe lamp for my home! Any favourites of the ones I’ve chosen? Let me know what you’ve spotted at Oliver Bonas that you’ve loved lately!

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