Over the break between Christmas and New Year, you might have thought I didn’t even touch my blog, seeing that there were no new posts published at all here on Swoon Worthy. I always take a break from posting at that time of year and relieving the pressure of putting content out there is an incredibly freeing exercise. However, it doesn’t mean that my blog sits stagnant. Not at all.

Every year, I like to make changes to my blog around that time. To be honest, I am forever tweaking my blog design, making sure it looks current and up to date and over the last few months, I have taught myself (by way of YouTube videos and articles around the web) how to work with Divi Builder which is what my website was originally built on. I’m still learning, of course, but I’m feeling much more comfortable as the platform makes it easier to change the design which means I can make sure my site stays up to date and fresh. The break gives me so much more time to just sit and play so it’s a great time for me to really examine the design and make the changes I normally don’t have a lot of time to do.

You Can Now Shop My Home on Swoon Worthy

I thought I’d just let you know of a few changes I’ve made. I know for many of you, you probably normally tend to just land on a blog post thanks to an email (if you aren’t subscribed, you can do so at the bottom of this page – see my face? Yep there.) or a tweet or a share somewhere on social media or perhaps via Bloglovin’. Or you might have arrived via a Google search or a link from another website or Pinterest. The likelihood is, that you’ve completely bypassed my home page which is totally normal.

But for those who may look at a post or two and then head over to the homepage after that, you’ll see that I’ve updated quite a few things on that introductory page. My site is fully optimised which means that it adjusts to the size of the screen you are viewing it on but personally, I think it looks best on a full screen or a tablet rather than a mobile seeing that everything is kind of squished down and minimised on a tiny screen.

You Can Now Shop My Home on Swoon Worthy

I’ve replaced a few of the static images with larger images that use parallax (a fancy term for an image that moves at a different speed to the text – or stays static as the text moves) so while you will still be able to view my home tour, my about page and subscribe to my blog, the format has just changed slightly. You can check out a little video here of what it now looks like when you scroll if you are on a mobile now and want to have a look or head to the home page now (opens in a new window):


I also updated all my category pages so that you have a lovely big image at the top of each section which will give you a little bit of an idea of what you’ll find in each of those areas. After 7 1/2 years, there are a LOT of blog posts so the categories simply organise the content so that you can find what you’re looking for that much quicker. The addition of the large header image is really more an aesthetic change than a functional one but I like how it looks!

Living Room Swoon Worthy category header

Most excitingly, however, is that I’ve added a new ‘SHOP’ button to my blog up there on the top menu navigation. No, I haven’t opened my own shop selling products I’ve designed (that’s definitely a dream of mine though!). Instead, I thought as I get so many requests for where I’ve purchased things for my own home, I thought I’d create a resource that links to lots of different items I have purchased in the past.

Shop My Home Swoon Worthy

You can get to my shop in a few different ways… you can click on the menu above that says ‘SHOP’ (on a mobile, it will be listed in the drop-down – click the three little lines at the top and scroll down) or you can go to the home page and click on the ‘Shop All’ button in the section that says ‘Shop My Home’.

Shop My Home Link Locations


Of course, not every single thing in my home is listed there. I’ll be adding to it as I go and of course, over the years, shop stock changes and so not everything is available. I’m also limited to the brands I’m able to link to due to the limitations of my affiliate network which provides this functionality. However, where I haven’t been able to link to exact items, I have tried to link to things that are very similar to items I have purchased.

You Can Now Shop My Home on Swoon Worthy

By the way, my shop page does contain affiliate links which essentially means I receive a very small commission if you make a purchase of something that I’ve recommended. It’s basically a brand’s way of saying ‘thanks’ for the referral but you won’t pay any more for anything if you use my links and it’s just another way that I can continue to provide free content on my blog and keep my animals well fed and a roof over my head! ;)

I will be also creating a ‘Wish List’ as well as we move into the other house so this will be a separate page where all the new items I’m eyeing up with the view to purchasing will be listed there. I think it’s a great way to just quickly see what kinds of things I’m loving at the moment and items that I hope to include when we finally move!

Want to jump to the shop now? CLICK HERE!

So I hope you like the little changes and the new shop page! I realise that money is tight for everyone right now at the start of the year so it’s probably the worse possible time for me to be sharing this with you – ha! But well, perhaps a small purchase or two for you home is exactly what you need to brighten up your home a little bit on the greyest days of the year!

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