I have a feeling this will likely be a pretty divisive post however I hope that you stick with me here even if you are full-on against messing with nature/your face/injectables of any kind. I think when it comes to these kinds of things, it’s always incredibly personal. We live in a time when unfortunately, women are still seen first and listened to after. While I would love to not have my looks play any role in my own confidence, I would be lying if I said it never does.

The fact is, I’m actually a fairly confident person. Of course, there are things I’m not too crazy about when I look in the mirror but overall, well, I’ve had a long time to accept what I’ve got to work with. I have days when I think I look tired/old/frumpy and I have days where I can look in the mirror and think, ‘Damn, girl, you are looking fiiiiine!’ Ha! Okay, so that doesn’t happen too often but basically, I just want to state that I don’t have crippling self-esteem issues and that’s not why I decided to get a little help with feeling better about myself.

Yuva Medispa Swoon Worthy Dermafillers

However, I’m in my 40s now (how in the hell did THAT happen?!) and I’ve started to see some changes that I just wasn’t too keen on. Now I’m going to be explaining exactly why I decided to go the derma fillers route very shortly but first, I want to show you where I decided to have the work done.

Side note… Do I still consider myself a feminist even though I’ve had work done? Abso-f*cking-lutely. Feminism is about choice and it’s about allowing other women to make choices that are right for them even if it’s not something that’s right for you. I found this video interesting btw.

The thing is, there are a million and one places that will tell you they can do your fillers or do your botox. Hell, you can even go to ‘Botox parties’ now and have some person you’ve never even met or heard of before stick needles in your face but with a few glasses of Prosecco, well, why not, right? Unfortunately, without doing your research, things can go pretty wrong pretty quickly. And when it comes to your face, trust me when I tell you that you want it in the hands of professionals with years of experience.

Yuva Medispa Alderly Edge

This is where Yuva Medispa in Alderly Edge came in for me. I was invited to a press launch of their gorgeous new state of the art treatment centre in October and absolutely fell in love with the decor. That’s not the reason I had it done there but my goodness did it draw me in at least initially!

Yuva Medispa Alderly Edge

Yuva Medispa Alderly Edge

Yuva Medispa Alderly Edge

What convinced me that this incredible location was where I wanted to be treated was listening to Dr Raj Acquilla, one of the UK’s most respected Aesthetic Doctors who is well known for his natural-looking results. He is also a trainer and industry opinion leader, teaching medical professionals around the world his methods of injectables as a practising doctor for 18 years. He has an incredibly impressive CV, regularly travelling the world to present at industry conferences in front of dermatologists, doctors and plastic surgeons who come to observe his techniques for creating natural and subtle, yet dramatic, results. He’s won numerous awards and is listed as one of the top cosmetic doctors in the UK.

Yuva Medispa Alderly Edge with Dr Raj Acquilla

On the day, after hearing from Dr Acquilla (seen above), we watched three different demonstrations – dermafillers, botox and a hydra facial. We were able to see first hand the subtle but natural results of these treatments and during the treatments, the individual doctors explained exactly what they were doing, why and what results could be expected. It was incredibly informative. None of the women who had the treatments looked radically different, none of them looked like they were suddenly made of plastic with their faces swelled up like balloons. They all looked like themselves, just a little bit fresher.

Yuva Medispa Alderly Edge with Dr Liesel Holler

And this is the thing with these kinds of treatments. The results should be so natural that you’d never know the patient had anything done. Dr Acquilla explained his approach when it comes to the geometry of the face. He said, for instance, that the ideal angle for your eyebrows should be between 19 – 21 degrees. In fact, that same angle is normally repeated throughout the face – it’s the ideal lift for your eye, your jawline, even the ends of your mouth. As we age, those areas start to fall slowly with gravity and the loss of facial fat pockets. Below that angle, you begin to look a bit sad (even if you aren’t!) but going above those angles (normally with excessive treatment), your face starts to look very unnatural – it’s what we see over and over in the Media when injectables ‘go wrong’ – that crazed look where you know something just isn’t right!

Yuva Medispa Alderly Edge

The other thing I loved is that they have a very personal approach. The entire building revolved around their customers’ privacy which I really appreciated. Dr Acquilla said that the design was created so that there were individual treatment and waiting rooms so that if a client comes through the door, they will get the feeling they are the only one there. There is no waiting alongside other clients and they are provided complete privacy throughout their visit.

Yuva Medispa Alderly Edge

There was such an emphasis, in fact, on natural-looking results that the following day, I got in touch with them and asked about booking a consultation for the following week. I received my treatment the same day as my consultation as by then I was sure it was what I wanted but you can go away and think about it if you want to – there is no pressure. They even did a free skin analysis with the machine shown below which takes a picture of your skin with 3 separate cameras. I was very surprised with the results, showing my pores and texture were actually better than I thought but due to being prone to freckles, I had quite a lot of UV damage – all those years of sunbeds long ago will catch up with me eventually! Ack!

Yuva Medispa Alderly Edge

I’m talking more of my experience specifically with the dermal fillers in the video below, including exactly why I decided to get derma fillers, the healing process, what I thought of the final results and what it was like being poked with lots of needles! There’s even an appearance of me WITHOUT MAKEUP ON. Yeah, I went all in for this one! ;)

It was Dr Liesel Holler who performed the injections and she was just the loveliest, friendliest and warmest individual (not to mention drop-dead gorgeous). She really did put me completely at ease during the whole thing. All in, my experience with Yuva Medispa was fantastic and I’m already considering going back for a hydra facial!

Disclaimer: Please know that I am in no way encouraging anyone to get work done as I believe this is an incredibly personal decision and you really need to make that decision for yourself. This is just to give my own first-hand experience if someone is considering it. I had my fillers done free of charge in exchange for my honest review but as always, I only work with brands and companies I really like and think you may like too. Please do your research before undergoing any procedure and please do your research on the doctors and nurses performing it! 


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