So for the first time in my blogging career, I’m actually off on a proper press trip! Oh, my goodness. 4 days and 3 nights in Skåne which is the southernmost county of Sweden. It looks utterly gorgeous and we’ll be hitting all the most incredible design destinations, museums, restaurants, hotels and more, all courtesy of Frida Ramstedt of Trendenser and Visit Sweden. I expect I will be sharing a lot of it over on my Instagram Stories so please do make sure you are following me on there!

I’m going to miss my bed. And my guy. And my fur babies. 

Alas, with 4 days away, I have had to get as much of my client work as possible before I go which means my poor little blog gets a bit neglected before and after any time away! Whaaa! But I promise to return with some amazing inspiration from my trip very soon – probably around the 18th or 20th October.

Until then, as the Swedes like to say, “Ha det bra, vi ses!” (translated roughly to ‘Be well, see you soon!’) And now I’m off to practice my Swedish – which, admittedly is non-existent!

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