Even as someone who is not THAT into fashion, I’ve noticed it. A myriad of bloggers with little woven handbags strapped to their sides. The summer may be nearly over but the basket bag was probably the most stand out feature I saw over the warmest months, the perfect boho accessory that pulled a daytime look together. I suppose in some ways, I look at fashion accessories much the same way I look at accessories in interiors. Adding a bit of natural texture works for every room, especially in terms of adding a level of comfort or a casual air and this translates just as much into what we wear on our bodies. Sling on a little texture and you are suddenly just that bit effortless and just that bit more pulled together.

Swoon Worthy Kimberly Duran basket bag 5

Now I have a basket bag that I utterly adore and this is the whole reason for this post. However, let’s be real here: I have NO F**KING IDEA what I’m doing. I really wanted to show off my own bag which meant actually going outside to shoot the images for this post but I am not yet brave enough to shoot pictures of myself in public. So I took to my back garden! Ha! Honestly, all the respect in the world for those bloggers going out in public with their Instagram husbands to shoot. I felt awkward as hell doing this in my back garden as it is, praying my neighbours weren’t looking out their windows going, ‘Oh gosh, it looks like Kimberly really has finally fallen off the edge of reality… look at her. What a total tw@t.’

Swoon Worthy Kimberly Duran basket bag 2

But well, this is my first foray into the life category (where I explain what the heck is going on around here) and more ‘fashion-y’ blog posts and while I could have waited until I had lost 2 stone, grew 5 inches and perhaps got myself a whole new face, I figure it’s part of the thrill of stepping out of your comfort zone. So here’s my first little shoot. Be gentle.

Swoon Worthy Kimberly Duran basket bag 1 cropped

The bag I own is from Wood/Grey but I’ve since found a cheaper version on Etsy which looks identical so it pays to shop around. Also, I know, you could totally see the remote control in like half my pictures. I’m such a total amateur!! *facepalm* Ahh well, at least you know that I never really take myself too seriously, right? Despite the Superwoman stance below.

Swoon Worthy Kimberly Duran basket bag 3

Outfit details: Top: Zara (similar or similar) / Sunglasses: Chloe / Boots: Asos (similar) / Bag: Wood/Grey (similar) / Jeans: Asos 

Other than my rather pathetic attempts at trying to be FASHUN, I figured I’d share a few more people who really do have incredible style and have shown off their basket bags much better than I can.

Julia of Gal meets Glam paired hers with a floaty maxi dress for relaxed and effortless boho style. Ughh she’s so gorgeous, it almost hurts.

Girl Meets Glam basket bag Joie Maxi Dress


My lovely and incredibly fashionable friend Arianna of Arianna’s Daily showed hers off on a recent holiday to Greece. I love how her basket bag plays so nicely with a simple monochrome outfit.Ariannas Daily basket bag Greece


Over on In My Joi, the gorgeous Joi pairs a deliciously bold dress and strappy shoes with a basket bag as well but this one is a vintage picnic basket. How genius is that? I just love her style.

In My Joi basket bag with colourful dress


The always stylish Kate from Kate la Vie paired hers with a simple white top and daisy printed shorts. So cute and simple for a day in the city!

Kate La Vie daisy shorts and basket bag


How elegant does Tatiana of My Fabulous Forties look with her Patricia Nash Caselle basket bag paired with a flowing maxi skirt and heels? The perfect day-to-night kind of outfit.

My Fab Forties basket bag and maxi skirt


Over on What Olivia Did, Olivia pairs hers with a stunning floaty dress and dresses everything down with stylish comfy flats. I seriously need to go find some hydrangeas to shoot in front of stat. My Laurel just doesn’t look this nice.

What Olivia Did floral dress basket bag


So as you can see, these basket bags go with just about anything and I really think you’ll be able to wear them straight into fall depending on what you pair them with (hint: they look great with denim). Clearly, gorgeous ladies of all ages are rocking these beautifully!

Swoon Worthy Kimberly Duran basket bag 4

I’ve linked to some of my favourites above but do tell me, what do you think of basket bags? Do you have one or are you considering buying one? Also, what do you think of my first fashion post – should I stay firmly behind the camera or embrace my awkward?

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