I’m not sure if you saw my Instagram Stories recently where I was pretty much falling over myself to share a recent discovery in Elle Decor. I know not everyone watches the little short videos I do on Instagram and so I just really wanted to share them here on my blog as well. Hand-on-heart, these may be the most beautiful tiles I have ever seen in my life. I realise that’s a hell of a statement to make but genuinely, I’m utterly in awe of them.

Now you know I love gold and you know I love marble and when the two come together in such a symphony of deliciousness, it’s hard for me NOT to get over-excited. Also, I just wanted to say upfront that this post is in no way sponsored at all. I was just desperate to share!! Ha!

What you are looking at is the beautiful designs of Mosaïque Surface, a company based out of Montreal, Canada who use waterjet techniques to create those intricate inlays you see. They have a few different collections that caught my eye.

The Atelier Collection

Mosaique Surface Atelier Dundass gold and marble tiles

Now, I’m a little obsessed with the combination of white, gold and black. I think the contrasts are stunning and it’s a formula I’ve used in many of my own rooms so these particular tiles from The Atelier Collection are right up my street. This particular collection was created in collaboration with blazysgérard for Mosaïque Surface and is the brainchild of designers Alexandre Blazys and Benoit Gérard.

Mosaique Surface Atelier Kenzo

The collection pays tribute to several world-renowned fashion houses, with subtle touches of architectural inspiration within each design. “At once formal and playful, the fashion-centric Atelier Collection delivers a selection of timeless patterns fused with the designers’ signature touch. The collection’s daring and elegance bring a striking aspect of the avant-garde to the traditional art of mosaics.”

The Dominion Collection

The Dominion Collection was inspired by traditional English landmarks from Windsor Castle to Kensington Palace and “is a tribute to the legacy of the countryside and honours the transcendent beauty of the age-old castles that accentuate it.”

Mosaique Surface Dominion black and white marble tiles with brass inlay

Each pattern comes in multiple colourways, creating stunning patterns from subtle neutrals to high-impact designs, showcasing “the nobility of natural stone paired with gold glass and infusing classic materials with avant-garde style.”

Mosaique Surface Dominion Ludlow blue marble and brass inlay tiles


Now, this my friends, is my favourite collection and I struggled to choose just a few to share as they so beautifully bridge the gap between contemporary and traditional designs. Inspired by the grandeur and romance of Parisian landmarks, the collection features classical patterns with copper and brass inlays. The entire collection is customisable, allowing you to choose from Mosaïque Surface’s extensive collection of stones, marbles, glass and metals to create whatever your heart desires.

Mosaique Surface Odyssee Bellechase

Mosaique Surface Odyssey Cirque

Mosaique Surface Odyssey Constantine

Mosaique Surface Odyssey Dupont

Mosaique Surface Odyssey Royale

The tiles are priced from £350 per square metre but with such a high-impact design, I doubt you’d need much to give any room an exquisite touch. I have already told Wayne that we simply MUST have these in our next home – although I would struggle to decide which pattern I love best as they are all so incredibly beautiful. Happily, they are available in the UK via Paris Ceramics and Ann Sacks in Chelsea Harbour as well as distributors throughout Canada and the US.

Have you ever seen such beautiful tiles? Which is your favourite? 

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