I’m a sucker for a nice little side table. I look at them all the time on various websites despite the fact I already have a couple of them at home and the even bigger fact that I don’t actually need any more. I’m still tempted because they are so cute and so practical and normally, quite affordable in the grand ‘I’m-buying-an-actual-piece-of-furniture’ scheme of things.

side table styling bathroom lead

And the truth is, they are just super handy to have around. I’ve had my little gold nesting set of tables from Zara Home for at least 3 years and they are still available on the website here. I think I paid £99 for them at the time and although they are £150 now, there are so many good ones on the market at the moment in the £100-£200 range. I’ll be doing a round up of my favourites soon but until then, here’s my little set…

zara home gold nest of tables

I decided to share a few different ways to style them because honestly, you can use them pretty much anywhere but I figured I’d show you just three – in the living room, the office and the bathroom. Saying that, I can probably another blog post styling these (and perhaps I will) because as I said, they are just so damn handy no matter where you put them – not just these three rooms.

Side Table Styling in the Living Room

side table styling living room 1

Now, full confession – I had to sort of move around my furniture to fit this little baby on the side of the sofa. Our living room is quite ‘bijou’ and so while I can’t really have a side table astride my sofa, if I could, I’d like this very much. A small lamp is a must first of all but this one is glass and doesn’t take up a huge amount of visual space.

side table styling living room 2

I truly believe that any good vignette can be improved with the inclusion of some kind of plant life and so my baby spider plant came to stay as well. A little candle is always a treat as well and I genuinely have so many that I love.

side table styling living room 2

Now the one thing about a side table aside a sofa is that it needs to not just be pretty but also practical. There’s no point in filling a side table if you can’t actually, ya know, put anything else on it. So leaving a bit of space – enough for a lovely cuppa joe and perhaps your phone is a total must. And because I always get asked about that pink cup whenever I show it, it’s from H&M Home although I don’t think it’s in stock any longer. My apologies.

Side Table Styling in the Bathroom

side table styling bathroom 1

Oh let’s talk about pampering ourselves, shall we? We all need a bit of down time and genuinely, a nice luxury bath is probably the easiest way to do this when you are having a stressy week but don’t have the time/inclination/cash to book yourself at the spa. So having a little side table in the bathroom is one way to get your pampering on.

side table styling bathroom 2

Some fluffy towels, a luxury lotion (this one is from Plum & Ashby), a nice smelling candle and the obligatory glass of wine. Yes please and thank you. Add some fortifying bubbles (courtesy of The Future Kept) and some pretty soap and you’ve got your spa day sorted.

side table styling bathroom 3

As a side note, as I was styling this up, I realised I really need to add some more plants to the bathroom. I really love how they looked in here.

Side Table Styling in the Office

side table styling office 1

And finally let’s talk about using a little side table in the office. This one is sat next to one of my wicker hoop chairs so I sort of picture taking a meeting in here for some reason. While I really don’t have too many visitors to my office that doesn’t mean it’d never happen, right? So I thought, what would a visitor appreciate if they came to talk bizznezz?

side table styling office 2

The latest magazines are always a nice touch along with a hot beverage. That gorgeous mug is from my mates at The Curious Department and I’m a little in love with it. A pretty coaster is always good unless you want rings on your favourite mags (you don’t). Add a cute pot of pencils and your business cards ready for the taking and you’re all done there.

side table styling office 3

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3 Ways to Style a Small Side Table

So those are just 3 different ways to style a small table. Which is your favourite? How do you style your side tables? Go on and share in the comments below.

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