Finding really beautiful lighting isn’t actually all that difficult, right? There are plenty of incredible options available, sure… if you’re loaded. However, if you aren’t (no, me neither), then trying to find really beautiful affordable lighting can be incredibly frustrating. I have managed little by little to find some great pieces at decent prices over the years for my home and during times when I had a slightly healthier budget, I’ve been able to replace the really cheap stuff for the sort of mid-ranged stuff. I still haven’t managed to splurge on a £3000 light fixture but well, ya gotta start somewhere right?

jonathan adler lighting

Designed by David Klass / Lighting by Jonathan Adler – the kind of lighting I like but at £1600, I can’t afford.

The truth is, sometimes you gotta get creative. You might recall that I ended up DIYing the pendants in my kitchen a couple of years ago because I just couldn’t justify spending so much money on 3 identical lights. I saved myself around £1000 making ones up myself with a lighting kit and a pretty non-electrical pendant and I’m quite happy with the result (although I do find myself cleaning them ALL. THE. TIME.).

Affordable Kitchen Lighting - DIY brass lights

I got lucky with regard to my favourite light fitting – the amazing Dar Atticus fixture in my bedroom. A fabulous reader sent me the tip-off that there was a listing for a new one on eBay that was simply not in its original packaging. I scored what was a nearly £600 fixture for £135. RESULT. Does that kind of thing happen all the time, though? Nope, not by a long shot. But if you are willing to wait and see if something you love comes up on eBay, Gumtree, etc, it might be worth the endless search.

mirror reflection of eclectic boho glam bedroom in neutrals

Another one of my favourites is the light in my dining room. This baby is huge (50cm in diameter) and makes quite an impact. For a mere £160 from Habitat, it’s incredibly reasonable in price for what is such a large fixture. Affordable lighting at it’s very best right there.

swoon worthy dining room eclectic boho glam

Now, if you follow me on Instagram Stories (and yes, of course, you should – click here to sort that asap), then you’ll know on Saturday, I had Wayne hanging a new light fixture in my dressing room. I wanted to shoot the room on Sunday but of course, Manchester being Manchester, it was absolutely bucketing down with rain and so my pictures were coming out rather grainy and I gave up trying to get decent pictures. Ho hum. So I’m going to try to shoot on Monday when it’s supposedly going to be brighter – fingers crossed.

Affordable lighting in brass and gold

It’s gorgeous though and super reasonably priced! Just £130 from Next which I only found out about due to my bloggie mate Karen from Making Spaces sharing some of her favourite items that they are currently carrying. And the truth is, I wouldn’t have even considered looking at Next for affordable lighting that actually looks great but well, sometimes these high street chains will surprise you!

Get the Look!

As I can’t really share what it looks like in the whole room just yet (more soon I promise), I thought I’d do a little search around and see if I couldn’t find some great affordable lighting in a bit of a round-up.

Affordable Brass and Gold Lighting under £200


I’m rather enamoured by that beauty at number four – it’s from Wayfair and really looks so much more expensive than it’s £199 price tag! I might have to get it for the hallway once we start work on that one! What about you? Which one is your favourite? Do you struggle to find affordable lighting in the UK as well?

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