Can you feel it? It’s right there around the edges, hiding around that dusty dark cloud. Yes, yes, it’s the sun. We may have just had Hurricane Doris blow through but I just know – I KNOW – that Spring is nearly here. The sun is higher, the days are longer and my god, I can’t be more pleased that the darkness of winter is finally lifting.

I’m not an ‘English winter’ person. I don’t do well with dark skies and rain every day. Hell, I lived in Wisconsin for 3 years where it’s winter for 6 months of the year before moving to the UK and despite the frigid cold temperatures that made your eyeballs hurt and all that snow, at least the skies reflect off the snow and make everything look so much cleaner and brighter. Here in North West, England? We just get grey. Grey skies, grey streets, grey pigeons, grey freaking everything. I mean, I realise grey is the new black or whatever but seeing blue skies finally? Oh yeah, I’m all for that.

Something for the weekend Feb 2017

So weather aside (god I’m so Anglophiled now talking weather), this past month has been busy – I say that every month though right?? We spent a few weekends working on my Mother-in-Law’s flat, choosing paint colours, hanging wallpaper, sorting out carpeting and hanging lighting for her and it’s looking so much nicer in there. I also got the opportunity to meet up with some of my Northern blogging buddies last weekend for a tour of interiors around Manchester which was a fun way to spend a few hours. Jonathan Schofield runs the tours and he’s super knowledgeable and has a funny anecdote for every location.

Portico Library

The Portico Library. I was trying to find the section on Impolite Literature but it must be a members only area. ;)

Emily from The Pink House stayed at mine for the weekend and joined us for the tour and I don’t think we stopped talking the entire time she was here! It’s one of the things I really love about the blogging community – finding like-minded souls that you can connect with on so many levels.

Oh Oh!! I also have a bit of an exciting announcement! If you are headed to the Ideal Home Show in London, I’ll be on the Interiors Styling Stage there on the 30th March and 6th April talking about finding your own unique style! I’ll be speaking at 5pm and 7pm on both dates so it’d be great if you can make it. I’d love to meet you and have some friendly faces in the audience! (Please please come and smile at me so I don’t feel like a waffling idiot on stage which is no doubt what will happen if you don’t. No pressure.)

As I was mentioned on a few differents sites this past month, I always like to say thank you in these posts so if you fancy it, check out the following:

Deconstructing the Coffee Table Vignette - How to Style a Coffee Table

I was included in a really thoroughly executed post on a coffee table styling post by Who Is Mocca where they shared my formula for a perfect coffee table vignette. There’s some great information in there if you are looking for ideas for your living room.

I was also interviewed by Amara for their Interior Blog Awards blog which was a really lovely feature.

And finally, I was honoured to be included on Viero’s Top 10 Tweeps – a list of their favourite twitter accounts. I was in such excellent company as well so do have a look if you are looking for new folks to follow.

As per usual, I’ve been chatting about interiors for various websites over the past month and so I’m rounding them up to make it easy for you to have a look when you get some time this weekend and fancy a bit of light reading! Of course, I wouldn’t expect anyone to read ALL of these but if something catches your eye, then I’d love for you to have a little look. Each link opens in a new window so you can just click the ones you like the look of and go back to it later!



Something for the Weekend Trends

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Refresh Your Home with Pantone’s COTY Greenery (Oak Furnitureland)

The Perfect Tiles for a Scandinavian Style Bathroom (Tile Mountain)

The Best Concrete Effect Tiles for an Industrial Look (Tile Mountain)

Using Pantone’s COTY In Your Home: Greenery (AO Life)


Something for the Weekend Advice

Adding Fresh Spring Colours to Your Home (Avant)

How to Create a Romantic Look for Valentine’s Day (Tile Mountain)

How to Create an Opulent Intimate Dining Room (Oak Furnitureland)

Mixing Classic British Style with American Chic Decor (Oak Furnitureland – US edition)

How To’s

How to Create a Bright and Cosy Living Room (Oak Furnitureland)

5 Tips to Organise Your Closet for Spring (Oak Furnitureland – US edition)

How to Organise Your Bathroom (Tile Mountain)

Which Tiles Should I Choose for a Small Bathroom? (Tile Mountain)

So that’s my roundup for February! This weekend will be the first quiet one we have had for a while and I’m actually quite looking forward to just chilling out and enjoying a bit of free time! What about you? What have you got planned for your weekend? Do tell!


Image sources: Trends image: Fantastic Frank / How To’s image: Adore Magazine /Photography: Hannah Blackmore / Styling: Alana Langan / Interior: Eve Gunson


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