I know I said that my DIY Gold and Marble Coasters would be my last DIY of the year but I completely forgot that I still had this one to share! So it’s a little bonus one to finish off the year. If you saw my Christmas table setting, you will have seen this gorgeous floral and pine Christmas centrepiece on my table. Now, if there is one thing that I could never claim, it’s being good with floral arrangments. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time but if even a novice like myself can manage this one, I’m sure you can too.


I created this for AO Life and when I volunteered the idea to them, I have to admit, I was a little nervous. Having never attempted anything like it before, I was a little worried it would come out looking rubbish! So imagine my delight when I not only managed to create something worthy of a Christmas table, I have actually had a few visitors say how impressed they were as they thought I’d purchased it at a florist! #WINNING

How to Create a Christmas Table Centrepiece DIY

Gathering the materials was relatively easy. I nipped to my local garden centre where they were selling Christmas trees and asked if I could get some off-cuts for a craft I was doing. The man was super nice (and acted like he’d heard it a million times before so I was clearly not the first person to ask) and directed me to a big pile of offcuts and told me to help myself (they were free!). I used about 3 large-ish branches of pine for this. I purchased the flowers at my local florist.

Here’s where I got my materials:


White single-tier cake stand (similar* or in plastic if you’re on a budget!*)

Church candle*

Floral foam in the shape of a wreath*

Off cuts of pine

Glitter pinecones *

4 peach roses

4 large white chrysanthemums

2 stems hypericum (you can find these at a florist or use faux ones*)

Floral wire



For the full set of instructions, please head on over to AO Life today where I share the full step by step of the process!

This is so easy to do and really just involves filling your wreath to about 75% with the pine stems and then filling in with your flowers and berries using a floral oasis. I have been so encouraged by how this came out, I’m looking forward to trying it again sometime, perhaps with flowers and greenery in Spring or even my own homemade wreath next Christmas.

Is this a DIY you would try?

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