Ooooh it’s time for #fearlesshome again this month! Okay, so let’s just start by saying if you haven’t yet checked out this hashtag on Instagram yet, you are seriously missing out. There are just so many great designs and so much inspiration (more than 4000 images now that have used it!) that it is genuinely impossible for me to narrow down my favourites every month and it’s making these posts more and more difficult as time goes on. NOT COMPLAINING.


If you are looking for some fresh feeds to follow or you need some inspiration for taking a few risks in your decorating style, and you’re not sure what this is all about, let me explain. Each month our 5 fearless blogger hosts – Arielle from Scotch and Nonsense, Britt Kingery, Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof Cassie Bustamante and me! – all share our very favourites both on our Instagram feeds as well as on our blogs each month. All you have to do is use the #fearlesshome hashtag on your Instagram posts for a chance to be featured on our blogs or on our Instagram feeds. That’s it.

I’ve been sharing some of fearless favourites on my Instagram but today, I wanted to share them with you on the blog as well. These are risk takers and rule breakers and they’ve created some gorgeous inspiration for us today so don’t forget to like, comment and follow these #fearlesshome superstars!

So… I’m supposed to pick my 5 favourites and ya know what? I FAILED. I chose seven. Yeah, always the rebel! Ahh well, let’s get started…

I would never have thought I’d be one to appreciate painting walls in a purple shade. Nope never. However, Fiona has killed me with her living room which is painted in the most luxurious deep plum and guess what? It looks freaking amazing. There is no such thing as a bad colour, guys – it’s all in how it’s executed!

Can we just have a moment to gaze in wonderment over Layne’s dining room? That black wall and that crazy beautiful artwork is just making everything in my little heart SING. People who say feature walls are ‘dead’ have no idea what they are talking about because this to me is pure, unadulterated beauty right there.

I have had a love affair with green velvet for as long as I can remember. And so when I saw Katie’s vintage beauties, my jaw dropped. How stunning are they paired with that beautiful brass table? I’m in love with this whole set up. I want to hang out here and read books and sip coffee and maybe pet all the things if Katie’s not watching. #sorrynotsorry

So what do you do when your wallpaper is so incredible you feel like you want to climb inside of it and live there? Why you get a matching set of lamp shades and a matching pair of pants and you OWN IT. Is this the most insanely wonderful picture you’ve ever seen? Why isn’t my life so well coordinated?

Green velvet, faux fur, Moroccan wedding blanket, amazing artwork, tons of plants and a gorgeous pup. There is literally nothing about Sharlene’s living room that I don’t like. Stare into that doggy’s eyes and try not to be hypnotised. It’s like the whole room is trying to seduce me and it’s totally worked.

Two words: FLAMINGO WALLPAPER. This is the thing I love about wallpaper in tiny spaces. It just makes the whole space come to life, fills it with energy and when it’s in a bathroom or powder room? Even better because you don’t spend as much time in these spaces so you can afford to get a bit fearless because there’s less likelihood of you tiring of it. Truth.

And finally, let’s just step back and appreciate how fantastic art can be in a space. Helen’s living room boasts this incredible piece (an eBay find no less!) and paired with her signature hide bench (which she sells!) and stunning textiles, the whole space is just so inviting. I adore big huge art and if you are willing to put the time into finding the perfect piece, you shall be rewarded!

This is one corner of our back sitting area – with probably my favourite household possession of all time, this huge 1960s abstract painting (lucky eBay find). Vintage indigo cushion and throw, and cowhide bench available from the online shop (link in bio). I’m sat staring at this painting now, wishing I could find the perfect art for a client project I’m working on. But art is a bit like love, you never find it when you’re looking for it! #moreismoredecor #jungalowstyle #UKINTERIORSHOPLOVE #colourmyhome #interiordesign #homedecor #styling #eclectic #boho #abmathome #fearlesshome  #myhomevibe  #apartmenttherapy  #interiorlovers #interiorstyling  #myhomevibe #atmine #currentdesignsituation #realhomes  #apartmenttherapy  #bohodecor #instacool #interior123  #designsponge #colourmyhome #roomoftheweek #abigailaherncolour #pocketofmyhome #howiboho

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A huge thank you to everyone who’s used the #fearlesshome hashtag on Instagram! Where’s your fearless home? We want to see it! Simply use the hashtag #fearlesshome in the comments in your Instagram posts (and be sure your account is set to public so we can see them!) for a chance to be featured each month!

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Which is your favourite example of fearless design? Do tell!


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