I adore bringing the outside in when decorating my home. From botanical prints to plants to animal prints and motifs, I’m a big fan of designs inspired by Mother Nature. So when I was contacted by The Curious Department who take these motifs and create gorgeous glam homewares from them, I was immediately enamoured.

curious department flatlay

This relatively new brand based in London isn’t shy about style. It’s bold and glamorous, edgy and fun with butterflies, bees and all manner of creepy crawlies colliding with strong hues and gold accents. However, what makes them unique is their approach. While you can (and certainly should) have a look at their first exciting product line called Metamorphosis online, there’s an even better way to get to know this eccentric brand. And that’s through their aptly named The Curious Apartment, a totally fabulous Airbnb in Borough, London which allows its visitors to see their products styled in a fantastic setting and enables them to purchase what is displayed in the flat itself.

Curious Apartment sideboard vignette

I had the privilege of staying a night in this most curious spot when attending the Amara Interior Blog Awards last week and it made the perfect base for my London trip. Beyond the very contemporary steel lined building lies a little jewel at its heart on the 2nd floor. After collecting my keys, opening the door to this delicious glossy teal hallway was like entering a new land.


With a glass cabinet filled with all manner of curios, it was immediately clear this was not like any other Airbnb. The attention to detail is incredible and every item in the apartment has clearly been chosen with care and curated to perfection to drive home the brand and its aesthetic.


The mix of styles – from the vintage style magnifying glass and art deco style lamps to the contemporary botanical patterns of House of Hackney’s tableware and splashes of Ikea’s best textiles – come together as a maximalist’s dream.


Step out of the entryway and the open plan kitchen/dining/living area is a light bright space. The black herringbone floors provide a stunning backdrop to white walls and a simple design that have been made extra special with a mix of eclectic furnishings and accessories.


The wall art is one to be admired. It’s sometimes difficult these days to put together an attractive gallery wall but mixing botanical prints with their own line of butterfly and beetle artwork gives the entire apartment a feeling of being in a natural wonderland rather than being in the big city.


The kitchen is even well stocked and nothing is off limits where that’s concerned. I had a lovely breakfast of granola and yogurt as well as a welcoming cup of tea to get me through my hangover from Thursday night!

Another fabulous gallery wall near the television featuring birds, butterflies and bugs – a reoccurring theme at the Curious Apartment.


The bedroom is a lovely relaxing vision in white and every detail is simple luxury. I adored the white tufted headboard and stunning pineapple lamps (funny because I just purchased the same ones in gold for my bedroom refresh!).


Even the bathroom shows The Curious Apartment’s attention to detail with fabulous art and botanical-inspired accessories.


I have to admit, I was sad to go and wish I had more time there! It’s definitely a place I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend if you are considering going to London!


If you aren’t planning a trip to London any time soon, you can still get a taste of The Curious Department’s style in your own home by checking out their fantastic line of prints and coasters. They were also kind enough to send me this ethically sourced mounted butterfly on a graphic black and gold background for my own home.

dining room mantle with artwork and gold elephants

For more about The Curious Department, including their online shop, check out their website. If you’re interested on how to book the Curious Apartment, you can book here.

*UPDATE: You can now purchase vegan suede cushions for a limited time from Wraptious that are just as beautiful as their prints for less than £30 each! They are running a little competition and if you’d like to help out the guys from The Curious Department to win, like this post and follow the link to the shop to purchase! *

So tell me, is this the kind of Airbnb you’d like to stay in? Anything you’d be tempted to purchase from their shop? Do tell.

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