As I mentioned over the summer, there are times when I feel – considering how great a city Manchester is – it sometimes comes up lacking when trying to find interesting independent interior design shops. Well, it appears the universe has heard my complaining because another has just opened in Chorlton, to my great delight, in the form of OBJECT.


I’ve known the owner, Rachael Otterwell (née Adams) for a few years now, working together on Home Is In The North and crossing paths at events over the years and so when she told me she was expanding her online shop to a new bricks and mortar location with her husband Alex, I was over the moon for her.


Rachael’s eye for beautiful design and simplicity was evident, preferring to find pieces to go in the shop directly through the makers rather than go to large retail exhibitions. “We purposely avoid large trade shows, preferring to seek out the brands we want to work with independently. Where possible we try to travel to see each designers collection in person and only choose pieces we would wear ourselves or have in our home.”


OBJECT owners, Rachael and Alex

This ensures the items she carries are unique pieces you won’t find at every high street. OBJECT also carries a range of clothing for both men and women as well as jewellery and stationary.


I was invited to the launch of the shop opening last night and so I thought I’d give you a little virtual tour. Located right on Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton, you can easily pop by the shop and then have a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants right down the road for a nice afternoon out.


The shop is small but packs a lot of punch with gorgeous half-painted blue green walls and touches of plywood for a clean and bright backdrop for all the lovely bits and pieces they carry.


I fell for this stunning lamp with it’s play of shiny gold against matt concrete. Sexy, no?


There’s something for everyone as well and a great spot to pick up Christmas presents for your stylish friends and family.


Prices range from very affordable (a lot of the homeware) to a little more expensive (beautiful linen clothing and stunning hand-crafted jewellery), reflecting a real range of items on offer for any budget.


I was particularly impressed with this clever pegboard they had made for the back wall of the shop. How perfect would this be in a kid’s room?


I was very tempted by this gorgeous woven wall hanging in blush pink and cream. All the heart-eyed emojis right there.


As you can see, there are plenty of really beautiful items in OBJECT and the perfect spot to pop by in the run up to the gift giving season for something a little different to the usual offerings.


OBJECT is located at 519 Barlow Moor Road , Chorlton , Manchester , M21 8AQ but if you can’t get there, you can still shop online at or follow along on their Instagram.

Is this a shop you’d love to have in your neighbourhood? Any other great shops in Manchester I should know about? Have you discovered any independent shops lately you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about them!


PS. This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share!

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