I have a bit of a different kind of post to share with you today! I was interviewed not long ago by Karen and Zandra of Little Yellow Couch for their podcast series, Style Matters. When they’d approached me about doing the podcast, I had a quick look through their previous interviews and realised they’d interviewed some pretty impressive influencers in the area of design – Grace from Design Sponge, Maxwell from Apartment Therapy, Eddie Ross, Miss Mustard Seed, The Makerista, The Jealous Curator and many many more.

Of course my immediate thought was, ‘Why the heck would they want to interview ME?’ followed by paralysing fear that I would seriously screw this up and they’d realise they’d made a huge mistake asking me to take part. However, after listening through their excellent previous podcasts, my nerves settled and I realised just how fun and informative this series really is. And of course, I had to say yes, nerves be damned.

Swoon Worthy quote on Little Yellow Couch

They are truly fantastic interviewers, asking all the right questions to get me talking. To give you a hint, they started the interview by talking about my cat Meisha which as you know, I could talk about all day long! See? Verrrry clever! Ha!

Meisha bengal cat on patio

A little sneak peek of the patio – it’s nearly done! Yay!

All in, it was just a really fun experience and I think they turned my rambling thoughts about design and self-expression into a fantastic interview.

Little Yellow Couch Style Matters podcast with Swoon Worthy

Plus, they’ve been making these little nifty memes of my quotes on Instagram! I’ve never been made into a meme before so I have to admit, I was rather excited seeing these! Ha!

I would love for you to have a listen here. It’s about a half hour long (I told you they got me talking and clearly couldn’t get me to stop) so please grab yourself a nice cuppa, a glass of wine or a G&T (I don’t judge) and settle in.



**UPDATE! For some reason, the MP3 player isn’t showing up on some mobile devices! Ack!** YOU CAN LISTEN HERE!


A couple of the posts we talked about:

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