Decorating without fear is something that’s near and dear to my heart. In 2014, I actually wrote a two part series on How to Decorate Fearlessly because I was always hearing how ‘brave’ I was in terms of the choices I made for my home. And of course, it’s not really bravery at all, it’s simple confidence to go with your heart and your gut – which, let me assure you, is a learned trait and not something you are naturally born with.

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It’s only by taking chances and putting myself out there and taking a few risks in my decor that I’ve ended up with a home that’s uniquely my own and one that I love. And I’m certainly not alone in this approach to decorating. In fact, I’ve decided to team up with an amazing group of interior design bloggers that share that same passion to decorate fearlessly and unapologetically and we’re introducing a new hashtag to Instagram called #fearlesshome – eeek! So excited.

Okay, so let me first start by saying that I’m not sure how the heck little ol’ me here in England ended up in this incredible group of bloggers but I really wanted to introduce both the hashtag and the hosts today because what better way to appreciate fearless design than to see it in action? Yes, these ladies are all talented and fearless and confident but the most important thing to take away from this – really this is all there is to it – is that it doesn’t have to be ‘trendy’, it doesn’t have to be something you’ve seen a million times on Pinterest and and it doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s home. It’s just about owning your own style and being confident in what you love. Because that’s what being fearless in your design is all about.

So, please let me introduce you to my fellow hosts…

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Arielle of Scotch and Nonsense | @ariellesgoldman on Instagram

Arielle Scotch and Nonsense library 2
Arielle Scotch and Nonsense dining room
Arielle is actually the mastermind behind the #fearlesshome hashtag and for very good reason. Her home is full of fearless choices from her rich wall colours and her eclectic mix of styles. Also, I’m totally coveting that beautiful burlwood dining table and now I really want a library.
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Jenna – Rain on a Tin Roof | @raintinroof on Instagram
Rain Tin Roof living-room
Rain Tin Roof bedroom
If you love bold vintage glam, you’re going to LOVE Jenna’s style. And yes, I do. So many amazing vintage touches and creative colour combinations. I pretty much want to move in immediately.
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Brittany – Britt Kingery | @brittkingery on Instagram
britt_kingery_dining room
britt kingery kitchen
Brittany is a woman after my own heart with her gorgeous colourful home. I adore how she plays with shades of green in nearly every room to create a cohesive look that simply flows beautifully together in such a bright and welcoming space. I simply can NOT get over that amazing floor.
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Cassie – Primitive & Proper | @primitiveandproper on Instagram
Cassie Primitive and Proper KitchenCassie Primitive and Proper dining room

I’ve known Cassie for years (well virtually anyway) and she really is just the queen of vintage finds (plus, she’s just an all around lovely, genuine and very funny person). Her home is a quirky and eclectic mix which she combines beautifully to create a family home bursting with interesting and eclectic details.

Now I implore you: Go and have a visit to each blog and follow each of their Instagram accounts for some incredible inspiring home decor that will make you braver, make you fall in love with eclectic and individual style and make you an all around better person (probably) ;)

So now that you’ve met all the hosts, it’s your turn. We want you to use the hashtag #fearlesshome on your Instagram posts and it really doesn’t matter what your style is as long as you have made your space truly your own. All the hosts (including me here on Swoon Worthy) will be sharing our favourite Instagram images that use the hashtag on a blog post as well as on our own Instagram accounts every month. So it’s a great chance to be featured!!

Are you inspired to be a little more fearless in your home? Which fearless design example shown here is your favourite?

*PS And if you were wondering, yes, #colorshare is still happening! We took a little summer break but it’ll be starting up again very soon so please continue to share any colourful images that are inspiring you with that hashtag as well – and of course, you can use both on your colourful, fearless Instagram images!

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