Today, I thought I’d give a little shout out to some of my favourite bloggers that I share a home with. Not literally (that would get awkward as well as cramped) but who also live on this big ol’ fair island I call home.

As a American with decidedly bold, glam American tastes, naturally many of my must-reads are American blogs. I’m not sure why this is – perhaps it’s just the style there that I relate to more despite not having lived there for 15 years now. You can take a girl outta the country… etc etc. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t really fabulous blogs here in the UK that I also love, the ones where I get some amazing tips, see some beautiful inspiration and get to hang out with some very cool people.

6 UK Blogs You Should Probably Be Reading


I chose these six specifically to share with you guys because as you know, my tastes run decidedly eclectic, bold, colourful, boho and glam and I think there are elements of my own tastes reflected in all of these blogs. Plus, they write well, take pretty pictures and seem like just all around cool people.

So on that note, here are six of my favourite UK blogs at the moment, in no particular order. (Also, just wanted to add that this is no way an exhaustive list of favourites – I read a ton of great UK blogs from some incredibly talented individuals but I didn’t want to do a post with 40 OF MY FAVOURITES because that would just be insane. So, if you are a UK blogger and you don’t see yourself on the list, please know, I still love you.)

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Apartment No. 4

Apartment Number 4 - shelfie styling

Victoria has a totally glam job as the Editor of a magazine which seems to take her all over the world. How she finds time to blog I have no idea but I love her feminine style. Check out her recent guest bedroom makeover which has lots of pretty gold touches mixed with navy blue. As a lifestyle blogger, she covers loads of different topics so you’re sure to find something that resonates.

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Sarah Akwisombe

Sketch Afternoon Tea Sarah Akwisombe

Sarah has basically come screaming and kicking into the interior design world and is a force to be reckoned with. She takes no bullshit or prisoners and knows her mind which I kind of love. I also quite like her mid-century-meets-art-deco-meets-pop-art style because eclectic glam mixes give me heart eyed emojis. Plus her daughter is just the cutest thing you’ll ever see. Check out her recent visit to Sketch London (which I’m dying to visit).

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Making Spaces

making spaces

Interior designer Karen’s eclectic tastes as well as her incredible eye for a vintage bargain keep me coming back for more. She’s been working away on an incredible Victorian home and I’m in love with every square bit of it so far. I love her fearless style. Check out more of that particular project here – IT’S SO GOOD.

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French for Pineapple

Bianca Hall living room

Bianca’s tastes probably run closest to my own on this whole list. Totally eclectic, bohemian and glam, I utterly adore her style and have shared her here with you before. She’s working on her studio and a family room at the moment and personally I can’t wait to see what she comes up with because it will definitely be awesome.

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Abigail Ahern

abigail ahern

No UK blog list could really be complete without a mention of Abigail Ahern’s blog. I mean, she’s the Queen of Dark Spaces with her very eclectic cowboy meets pop art meets glam style and she’s always been an influence on my own style. Plus, she’s constantly doling out tips on her blog that are like little pearls of wisdom. Well worth a visit – plus her dogs are awesome.

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The Pink House

The Pink House

photography by Susie Lowe

A new one for me, Emily’s style is fabulously eclectic and her no-nonsense wit is a breath of fresh air. Leaving behind the life of an lifestyle journalist, she relocated to Edinburgh with her family and doles out loads of great advice for living with style with little ones under the roof. She recently shared her bathroom remodel and I about died.

Are any of your own favourites on my little list? Do tell! I’d also love to know what UK blogs I should be checking out and what your favourites are as well! The comment box awaits!


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