It’s been a while since the last time I was absolutely blown away by a wallpaper collection. I love the odd pattern here and there from lots of different places and as a bit of a pattern obsessive, I’m surprisingly choosy with what I end up putting in my own home. But every once in a blue moon, I stumble upon a collection that takes my breath away. This was one of those times.

17 Patterns_Jellyfish_Wallpaper_Black_2

Jellyfish in Black

17 Patterns has recently debuted a brand new collection of 11 incredible wallpapers co-created by a selection of predominantly British artists and designers, who in turn are hand-picked by art director and designer, Nosca Northfield of Nosca Inc.

17 Patterns_ Love Leopard Wallpaper_Caramel_7

Love Leopard in Caramel

This first collection uses abstract painting and hand drawn illustrations which are then digitally manipulated into unique pattern repeats.

Nosca explains, “Respecting artists and their ideas is crucial. There is infinite possibility when taking those ideas and developing them through clever curation. At 17 Patterns we are taking elements of artworks way beyond their original articulation with multiple artists featuring on each pattern design. Our creative journey is driven by experimentation and innovation; we have arrived to inject bold and exciting designs into 21st century interiors.”

17 Patterns_Flamingo_Wallpaper_Pink

Flamingo in Pink

Bold and exciting indeed, don’t you think? Not only that, they are printed ethically sourced high quality paper stock using ecologically sound water-based inks that are UV resistant. So they are not only good looking, they are also good for the planet.

17 Patterns_ Dazzle Wallpaper_Charcoal

Dazzle in Charcoal

I also found how the patterns developed are rather fascinating. Check out these innovative processes they’ve used to create the collection:

  • Suspending rolls of paper from a window, and allowing gravity to draw dripped paint downwards, whose delicate stripes and textures are then woven into the eventual composition
  • Leaving freshly painted works open to rainstorms. The additional water hitting the wet paint coupled with the wind’s air flow form movement on the canvas and create delicate pigment blends and subtle textures. The naturally dried gradations of colour are converted into patterns.
  • Mixing hand-painted and digital geometric formations. Layering multiple processes such as painting, photography and printing blur the lines between designer- and artist-produced shapes. The imperfection of the hand-painted is juxtaposed against the perfection of the digitally created. Traditional cheviot and herringbone patterns are replaced with irregular geometric shapes and futuristic prisms by fragmenting and intersecting polygons.
  • Multi-layering compositions. These are produced from interrupted shapes and mixed media cuttings. Weathered billboard posters and tearing techniques are reconstructed to create layered textures.
  • Spraying translucent paint over layers of screen printing before digital manipulation. Spray paint makes the screen print ink flow in layers to form carefully crafted colour blends across shapes and graphics. Followed by digital manipulation the results replicate the functionality of an industrial CYMK printing machine.

Here’s a few more from the collection I loved…

17 Patterns_ Cloudbusting Wallpaper_Peach

Cloudbursting in Peach


17 Patterns_Brushed-Herringbone-Wallpaper_Grey

Brushed Herringbone in Grey


17 Patterns_Spiral_Chaos_Wallpaper_Peach

Spiral Chaos in Peach


17 Patterns_Whirling_Dervish_Wallpaper_White

Whirling Dervish in White

Every pattern comes in various different colourways so you’re sure to find something you love and they will soon be releasing a fabric collection as well. Best news? You can purchase wallpapers from 17 Patterns directly on their website if you are in the UK or if you are in the US, you can find them at New Wall.

I know, I know. This is a collection that has ‘Swoon Worthy’ written all over it. Probably partially due to the fact that every lifestyle image contains a bit of gold or copper. Yes, I’ll have that golden radiator in the first picture and the gold console table in the second. Now, if only I had a few more walls in my house so I can figure out where I can put one (or four) of these.

Which is your favourite?

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