As it’s summer and I’ve gone 6 whole months without a break on the blog, I’ve decided to take a little 2 week hiatus to enjoy the weather and get outside a bit and off my laptop. One of those weeks we’ll be enjoying another trip to Menorca. We went last year and fell in love with this small Spanish island in the Balearics and it was probably the first holiday where at the end, I wasn’t ready to go home!

Summer Break Swoon Worthy 2016

Way back in the damp and cold of January, Wayne found a great deal on a villa in Cala en Porter so we have decided to return and explore those parts of the island we didn’t get the chance to the first time around. Obviously, I can’t wait and I’m so excited to return to stunning weather, bougainvillea, the warm Spanish people and the crystal blue sea (and a lot of lazing around by the pool).

For the other week, I’ll still be doing a little work for clients and getting caught up on some admin work here on the blog (it’s not fun but alas, it’s a necessity to keep this little space on the internets ticking over) and we’ll be working on the pergola in the back garden so I should have plenty to share on my return.

I’ll still be checking in here and there on social media so if you aren’t already following me, I’d love for you to join me…

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While I’m on my little break, I thought you might want to have a read through a few of my favourite blog posts (in no particular order).

Have a fantastic two weeks and I’ll see you on the other side!

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