I honestly feel like I blink and another month has gone by! Oh my goodness, we’re already steaming to the middle of the year when it feels like we only just had Christmas. Perhaps it’s a sign of getting older! Nooooo!

Anyway, I do have to say that I love these posts so despite the old age and time passing so quickly, I get to share your gorgeous colourful shots! Whoop!

Colorshare Instagram May 2016

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with #colorshare, then let me explain. Every month, my trans-Atlantic style sister, Shannon of Burlap and Lace and I have the very difficult task of choosing our favourite Instagram images that have used the hashtag and share them with you on our blogs! It’s our little way of banishing the beige and bringing a little more colour into our lives and getting you guys involved to help us do the same! So if you love colour as well, then please do use the hashtag for your chance to be featured! We’ve had over 1700 people using the hashtag already and you have no idea how excited that makes me!

There have been some amazing ones this month so without delay, here are just a few of the ones that I adored…

I absolutely love a touch of whimsy in a room and this huge cow painting just ticks all the boxes. How could you not smile walking into Whitney’s living room?

I’m a sucker for any cute animal in my IG feed – in fact, I think half the accounts I follow are animal accounts. I know, I know. But I couldn’t help but share this adorable pup from Simply The Nest, checking out those spring blooms! Also, see those gorgeous yellow curtains and the little pops of colour in the furniture? Such a great way to bring in a bit of colour to your home!

This view!! Britt really knows how to bring a host of colours into her home with this shot looking into the kitchen. I adore how light and bright it all is – it looks like a home filled with joy.

Leslie’s gorgeous headboard also got my attention alongside a gorgeous mix of patterns in the cushions and artwork. So pretty! 

Y’all know how much I love a bit of boho and this space just looks so cosy and welcoming! ChaCha, I’m coming to yours to hang out with your plant gang on that fabulously textile-layered sofa. Oh yes.

And finally, I just love Julia’s makeover of this chest of drawers in blush pink and gold. I am now looking around to see what I can paint blush pink too because this is just so so good.

There were so many others I loved too so please check out the hashtag for all the images and all the fabulous IGers taking part – and don’t forget to click on those little hearts, follow them and show them some love!

Be sure to check out Shannon’s post today to see her favourites as well and make sure you use the hashtag #colorshare on your Instagram posts for a chance to be featured in next month’s roundup!

And I’d love it if you could follow both Shannon and my Instagram to be inspired by all the fabulous colour in our worlds too!

Are you inspired to use more colour in your home? Which is your favourite?


*Using the hashtag implies you are happy for us to use your images in our posts – fully credited and linked of course to your account! And of course, your IG account needs to be public so we can see your gorgeous images!

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