First of all, I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing comments on my wardrobe reveal on Monday! I am so happy so many of you seemed to like the black-on-black effect because well, I love it too. Sometimes things don’t need to shout in a room. I mean, I am all for statement pieces and bold decor but every once in a while, having a little restraint for those things that are practical and functional but not necessarily ‘LOOK AT ME’ pieces are a good way to retain a little balance, especially in a room as bold as my bedroom.

Speaking of those statement pieces, I’m actually currently in the market for one. I did mention in my post that we still need to sort out the ugly carpeting in that room but between the dining room just being completed (reveal coming VERY soon), the kitchen being the next big project to attend to, plus we have some plans for the back garden as well completing the work Wayne started (and subsequently didn’t finish) in the Man Cave, we have a pretty full plate this year. So I don’t see the floors being done in there for a while yet. However, there is one thing that is pretty high on the priority list at the moment for obvious reasons.

black bedroom with bold accents

Oh dear.

ornate ceiling rose with missing light

Ya see, I had a very large Serge Mouille inspired light fixture in here. As gorgeous as it was, as soon as we put it up, we knew immediately it was far far too big for the space. The pictures just didn’t really show just how LARGE this thing was and it basically just took up so much space, it bordered on laughable. So in January of this year, I ended up selling it to a lovely reader who was doing up a kitchen with 14 foot ceilings (jealous? me?? Oh no…OH YES) for whom it was a perfect fit. I was happy it ended up going to someone who could really do the piece justice.

However, that lead to the rather embarrassing large hole in the ceiling where we removed the light fixture that you see above and which currently remains. We have table lamps in this room so it’s not as though we’ve been hitting our heads in the dark in here or anything but a big gaping hole isn’t the most attractive element in any space so it needs to be sorted out.


Excuse the wonky curtains, they are next on the list!

I have had my eye on a few different light fixtures for here so I thought today, I’d share some of the options I came across.

I have to share with you my favourite first of all because I spied it on ORC participant Megan from Honey We’re Home’s gorgeous home office makeover. As soon as I saw it, I did that thing where your eyes go blurry, your heart races, you lose all track of time and space and you suddenly think, ‘PLEASE OH PLEASE LET ME FIND THIS IN THIS COUNTRY.’ (Wait, is that just me?)

Honey We're Home Home Office reveal

Anyway, do click on over when you’re done reading here (it opens in a new window) and check out the full space because it’s all kinds of pretty. The light fixture, however, I couldn’t get out of my mind.

Well, guess what. The universe heard my cry and I found this beautiful fixture* for £425. Be still my beating heart. Yeah, that’s a nice big chunk of change for a beautiful light fitting but still. LOOK AT IT. So so pretty.

Dar VOL5435 Volcano 5 Light Gold Leaf Ceiling Pendant


*This post contains affiliate links where indicated by an asterisk. You don’t pay any more if you click those links but I earn a few extra pennies to save up for a new light fixture – win win!

So at the moment, that one is right at the top of my wishlist. I’m desperately saving every scrap of cash for the kitchen at the moment so it’s a little out of reach unfortunately for right now but well, a girl can still dream.

Now second on my list is the Atticus* which has been a favourite for a very long time – years in fact. Again, it doesn’t come cheap at £520 which is precisely why I’ve never bitten the bullet and purchased it but I thought it would be wrong of me not to share. I clearly have a thing for lights that have little petals/leaves.

Atticus gold pendant light

Here’s one more from the ‘splurge’ options that I’ve been seeing in a few different places (here and here) that I’m lusting after lately. It comes in a table lamp as well. FEATHERS PEOPLE. So so good. This one is £560 and I’ll be honest, I like the top one best so doubtful I’d spend the money on this one instead but I couldn’t resist sharing.


Failing these more expensive choices, I have looked at a few that were slightly more affordable. The thing I’ve found is that it’s REALLY hard to find beautiful glamorous AFFORDABLE lighting in this country. Every single time I’ve had to do a search, I’ve not been able to really find what I’m looking for within a reasonable budget. It seems here in the UK, everything is either traditional, contemporary, rustic, Scandi or industrial. There’s not a lot that I’ve found that really hits the ‘glam’ mark for me unless I want to go to an antique dealer and pay thousands for something really special. I genuinely think there’s a gap in the market here for affordable and attractive lighting that doesn’t fit into those categories. Don’t get me wrong – I have managed to find a few great lights but they are few and far between!

Also, if any lighting companies want to collaborate on a range of lighting which I can design, I’m totally up for that. <– figured I’d throw that out into the universe as well seeing as it heard my plea regarding that awesome light fixture above. Worth a shot, right? Ha! ;)

Anyway, enough of my rambling… here’s a few others I have also been considering.

This is an awesome light and it’s in brass but why oh why did they decide to do it in antique brass?! Gah. It needs desperately to be in a lovely satin gold finish, don’t you think? At £199, it’s more along the lines of my budget and of course, I could probably spray paint it but it just disappoints me that after spending a couple hundred pounds you still have to mess with it, ya know? Regardless, it’s very cool and could work great in the room.

brass light fitting with 12 lights

Lamp Gallarian has some decent options below and the Menola comes in at around £322 after conversion from Swedish Krona so not wildly expensive nor chump change. I could see this one looking amazing in a dining room but I wouldn’t necessarily rule it out for a bedroom either.


The Capital ceiling lamp is pretty affordable at £173 (converted from Krona again). The larger image shows it in chrome but it’s also available in brass. Are you sensing another theme in styles here?

lamp gallerian capital ceiling lamp

And finally, I quite like the look of this one for £285 (converted). It’s an interesting shape and at the price, more realistically in my budget.


So those are some of the options I’m currently considering. I don’t know when I’ll get around to actually choosing and spending the cash on a new fixture but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of planning right?

Which one would you go for? Do you find it hard to find great affordable lighting too? Any interesting sources you’ve discovered and want to share?

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