You guys know how much I love my interior design books right? So when I found out the always lovely Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar was releasing a second book, Dream Decor, I jumped at the chance to join his virtual US/UK book tour and share it with you here on Swoon Worthy.

Dream Decor promises to provide the tools you need to create a cool, creative and comfortable home, wherever you live, and it certainly delivers on that promise, all the while providing gorgeous inspiration from around the globe.

Dream Decor pg 82 copyright Jonny Valiant

A burst of vibrant colour in Miami – Dream Decor pg 82 copyright Jonny Valiant

The book is divided into two parts. The first, Will breaks down the 6 elements for any design – from colour and pattern, texture, furniture, lighting and accessories – and how to tackle each of these individually whilst creating the synergy required for a completely stylish space, no matter what your style.

Dream Decor by Will Taylor

I have to admit, those beautiful watercolour stripes look amazing on a coffee table. Just sayin’.

In the second half, it is like a whirlwind tour of the world and gives me serious wanderlust! With 15 different locations, you are inspired by the unique and distinct styles, each space creatively influenced by the area of the world that they are located. Will breaks down each style creating a ‘room recipe’, allowing you to easily translate the elements, making it accessible for every one, no matter where you live.

Dream Decor pg 111 copyright Andrew Boyd

The rustic and reclaimed style of Brooklyn New York – Dream Decor pg 111 copyright Andrew Boyd

You are whisked from Mediterranean beaches to the chicest of Hollywood homes, from Paris to Italy to the achingly cool New York, each different and stunning location allowing you to pick and choose individual components that come together to create your own dream space.

Dream Decor pg 20 copyright D Gilbert

A black kitchen with white and gold accents in California – Dream Decor pg 20 copyright D Gilbert

Throughout the book is of course Will’s vibrant style, both the easy way in which he breaks things down to his formidable eye for design, providing guidance and direction to bringing these looks into your own home. While we would all like to visit exotic locations, Will encourages us to simply open our eyes to the world immediately around us, take notice of those things that we are naturally drawn to and find creative ways to reinterpret what we see into our own homes.

Dream Decor pg 11 copyright Andrew Boyd

Will Taylor’s eclectic mix of Scandi, industrial and midcentury in London – Dream Decor pg 11 copyright Andrew Boyd

I adore the eclectic element of this book. These are not your typical bog-standard interiors, of course. Every page bursts with creativity, mixing and matching old with new, coming alive with colour and texture – a real treasure trove of creativity that’s sure to inspire and make you want to step out your front door to take in the world around you.

Dream Decor pg 177 copyright Andrew Boyd

Spanish colonial meets Hollywood chic – Dream Decor pg 177 copyright Andrew Boyd

Dream Decor: Styling A Cool, Creative And Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live by Will Taylor, photography by Andrew Boyd, is out 17th May. Published by Jacqui Small (£25). The book is available to pre-order on Amazon now and more information can be found here.*

Have you ever been inspired by your travels or by a certain location? I’d love to hear what elements you’ve brought home with you!


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*Disclaimer: I was provided the book free for my review but was not compensated for my post. I only share things I really love on Swoon Worthy and think you’ll love too! This post contains affiliate links. Please see my sidebar for details about how I use affiliate links on my blog.

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