So you may be aware that I recently shared a most shameful and embarrassing secret. Whilst I was always happy to share the ‘pretty’ part of my bedroom, what was lurking on the far wall was anything but “Pinterest-worthy” and it certainly wasn’t “swoonworthy” either. No, we’d somehow lived with a couple of mismatched, ugly, old, cream wardrobes that were not only falling apart but didn’t actually provide adequate storage either for well over 5 years.

bedroom wardrobes before

In my post, I talked about the decision-making process behind finally finding ‘THE ONES’ and I was eagerly awaiting their arrival. On Wednesday, two burly delivery men managed to heave and squeeze five of the most enormous boxes through our tiny front door and subsequently into our tiny hallway and living room.

wardrobe delivery

Just three of the boxes – they were HUGE!!

We lived with them taking up loads of precious space until Friday evening when Wayne arrived home from work and we emptied out the two old wardrobes and dismantled them for recycling.

bedroom wardrobes before

Wayne filled two huge bags of clothing for charity and a few others just full of stuff that was far too gone to save. He had so much STUFF crammed into that larger wardrobe that I never dared go into it because oh my god. It would give me heart palpitations (and not in a good way). It was good to see so much stuff just cleared out and after his huge wardrobe purge, I was actually surprised he had much left to put in his new 3 door wardrobe!

black wardrobe with bengal cat inside - see more on

The smaller 2-door wardrobe would be my makeshift linen closet – somewhere for me to stack my ridiculously large cushion collection, bedding, towels, guest pillows, etc.

black freestanding wardrobes from Very review

We spent Saturday unpacking the huge boxes. The bottom drawer parts of both wardrobes came in one piece but the rest was flat pack. We are old hats at building flat pack furniture by now so it didn’t take very long to build the 3 door wardrobe on Saturday morning and then we finishedΒ up the 2 door wardrobe on Sunday morning. (We probably could have gotten them both done in a single day but we had my 12 year old niece’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon and our friend’s 30th birthday party that evening! Party animals, the two of us, clearly ;))

black bedroom with gold ornate mirror and black wardrobes - see more on

MyΒ only real complaint was the sheer amount of packaging for these. I mean, I realise they are huge but there was just SO much Styrofoam packaging that it killed me as we filled up bin bag after bin bag. So much so, I counted 20 bin bags full of packaging and that’s not counting all the cardboard (which at least can be recycled) – and it’ll all go toΒ landfill which just makes my heart hurt. So, Very, if you are listening, I love your products but can you PLEASE find a more eco-friendly way to package them in shipment?!

Other than that, I couldn’t be more pleased with the Constance range from Very. They are just excellent quality throughout and the whole room just looks so much more pulled together and complete. (Also, if you are considering these yourself, they are currently on sale as of this post going live! So go get ’em at a bargain price. And no, this post isn’t in any way sponsored or associated with Very, I just really think they are fab.)

black wardrobe with hanging plant and leopard print luggage - see more on

black freestanding wardrobe from Very in black bedroom - see more at freestanding wardrobe from Very with door open in black bedroom - see more at freestanding wardrobe from Very in black bedroom - see more at

And while we still need to sort out the flooring (ripping up the old dead carpet and putting in wood flooring as we have in other areas of the house), I need some new curtains and I still need a light fixture in here, I’m astounded at the difference it really has made to the feel of the room.

black freestanding wardrobe from Very in black bedroom - see more at

It’s made me fall in love with my crazy “black and brights” bedroom all over again. And yes, I have been doing that thing where I keep making excuses to go into the room just so I can gaze at them in all their black beauty. They fit in so perfectly and disappear into the black walls and while they are large, they don’t feel at all oppressive, allowing all the focus to be on the other side of the room.

black bedroom with vintage dresser and bright colourful art - see more on bedroom with yellow velvet headboard, leopard print cushion, blue rast hack and colourful abstract art - see more on

black wardrobes in black bedroom with colourful accents - see more on

It’s taken us 5 years to finally sort out something that’s bothered me since we moved in and while it was way longer of a wait than I’d anticipated, I’m so thrilled with the final result.

So tell me, what do you think of the new wardrobes in the bedroom? Would you have chosen black wardrobes in here? Or would you have chosen something different?


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