Not sure how we’re already at the end of January here – wasn’t it only just Christmas?! And yet the new year is flying along and we’re nearly into February. At least the days are starting to get that little bit longer and I’m not having to switch on all the lights in our house by 3pm any more. So there’s a plus side to it I suppose!

It was my birthday on Tuesday and I was thoroughly spoiled rotten which is exactly what should happen on your birthday as far as I’m concerned! ;) I received this beautiful gold french press*Β  from Wayne which was a lovely surprise because he’d already told me my new camera that I got for Christmas was a combination present. So this beautiful little wonder was completely unexpected. I love it and it makes a rather tasty cup of coffee as well.

Gold Bodum French Press

He also made me breakfast, baked a stunning NY Style Cheesecake (Paleo went out the window this week as you can imagine) and took me out for dinner and drinks. If you are local to me, I can highly recommend Indian Tiffin Room, it’s unbelievably good as well as being ridiculously affordable. It was a fabulous day and one which I pretty much just ate and drank my way through – perfection.

This past month has been a busy one but in a very good way rather than in an overwhelming how-am-I-gonna-do-all-this sort of way. I like that kind of busy, don’t you?

First off, I was featured in a few places so I just wanted to thank the following sites and encourage you have to have a little look through!

Swoon Worthy blush pink office with gold shelves

  • Lisa Canning included my office remodel in her list of the 15 Best Before and After Transformations of 2015. There are some amazing ones so definitely check it out because well, everyone likes a good before and after, right?
  • Amara’s Interior Blog Awards also included my office reveal in their 50 Best Interior Posts of 2015. Again, loads of great posts from lots of amazing bloggers so I’m in great company.
  • I was interviewed on Ginger Lily’s blog – you can find out what some of my favourite blogs are if you fancy discovering a couple new ones.
  • First Site Guide including Swoon Worthy in their Top DIY Blogs. They actually illustrated my head!! I had a good laugh over that one, such a cute touch.

I also contributed to a few sites over the past month in expert round ups.

  • Amara asked for the Top 2016 Interior Design Trends – you’ll have to check out the article to see what I said and have a nosy what other experts are predicting for this year too.
  • I was also included in Industville’s roundup of Interior Designers Sharing Their Top Lighting Tips.

Some of these are Christmas-related having happened towards the end of December so sorry they are a little late!

  • Wayfair included my Christmas dining room in a roundup of great posts for that week.
  • MiaFleur included my Christmas DIY soap in their blog post for 3 Crafty Christmas ideas.

As per usual, I’ve been chatting about interiors for various websites over the past month or so and so I’m rounding them up once again in list format to make it easier for you to have a look when you get some time this weekend and fancy a bit of light reading! Of course, I wouldn’t expect anyone to read ALL of these (that would just be crazy talk) but if something catches your eye, then I’d love for you to have a little look.

graphic-element-two with space top and bottom


Something for the Weekend Inspiration

How to Up Your Shelfie Game (Oak Furnitureland)

5 Reasons You Should Probably Decorate with Black and White (Oak Furnitureland)

Is it Okay to Mix Metals in a Room? (Oak Furnitureland)

graphic-element-two with space top and bottom


Something for the Weekend Trends

Must-Have Kitchen Trends for 2016 (Avant Homes)

Top Interior Design Trends for 2016 (Avant Homes)

Pantone COTY – Rose Quartz and Serenity (AO Life)

2016 Kitchen Trends (Tile Mountain)

graphic-element-two with space top and bottom


Something for the Weekend Advice

6 Ways to Refresh Your Space for the New Year (Tile Mountain)

How to Use Accessories to Warm Up a Space (My Two Designers)

How to Create a Cosy Bedroom for Winter Months (AO Life)

How to Add Colour to a Neutral Space (My Two Designers)

How to Carve Out a Home Office (Tile Mountain)

6 Tips to Create an Organised Home Office (Oak Furnitureland)

graphic-element-two with space top and bottom


Something for the Weekend DIY

How to Choose the Right Size Tiles (Tile Mountain)

Sparkly DIY Photo Backdrop (AO Life)

How to Drill Through Tiles without Cracking Them (Tile Mountain)


So that’s my wrap up for the last month or so! On Saturday, we’re off to see Lindi Ortega – a country singer which is so not our normal style at all (we’re indie fans mostly) but we both fell in love with her gorgeous voice and she just happened to be playing in Manchester so figured it might be a nice night out! Work on the dining room starts in earnest next weekend however, so Swoon Worthy HQΒ has been busy with deliveries – eek! What are you up to this weekend? Do tell, you know I love it when you talk to me.

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Image sources: Emily Henderson / Apartment Therapy / Domino / My DomaineΒ (others my own)

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