Apologies for the lack of post on Wednesday – after taking a few much-needed days off due to a winter flu, I fell a bit behind between client work and Christmas preparations and I’m still trying to get caught up! I suppose that’s what happens when your body forces you to just SLOW. DOWN. Thankfully, I’m feeling so much better now so thank you for all your lovely well-wishes on that one. Being sick at this time of year is just no fun, right? Bah humbug to that.

Good thing that the last month has been a little quieter, mostly by choice (sometimes it’s okay to just say ‘no’ to additional commitments that you don’t need to take on!) and while I’m still not 100% finished with either my Christmas decorating (hopefully I’ll finish this weekend) or my Christmas shopping (still a few small gifts to buy), I feel like I’m nearly ready for a proper winter break.

Christmas tealight village

On Wednesday, thanks to the lovely peeps at October, I headed down to London for #BlogmasLDN, a Christmas party thrown for bloggers. It was great fun and nice to just get a bit glammed up and have a few glasses of wine and nibbles with friends, both old and new. I’ve been a freelancer now for a full year (!!) and I realised this was the first year I didn’t have a proper company Christmas party to go to so when my invite came through my email box, I jumped at the chance to attend. Thanks so much to Kate, Emma and Daniel for a lovely time!

Sofa Top 5 Instagrammers Swoon Worthy

This month, Swoon Worthy was also featured in a few places so I just want to say a big thank you to these sites!

Those lists are always a great way of discovering some new blogs you may be unfamiliar with so I’d encourage you to have a look through those!

So as usual, I’ve been rambling on about interiors for various clients and as I did last month, I figured it was a little easier to divide them up by article type rather than sharing each individually – just makes for easier reference if you had a little time to kill and you fancied a little weekend reading (and you guys seemed to like the new format too so that’s a win-win)! And there was no where near as many as last month (whew!) so here we go…

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Advice and How To’s

Something for the Weekend Advice Swoon Worthy

How to Make Overnight Guests Feel Home (AO Life)

11 Stylish Alternatives to a Headboard (Oak Furnitureland)

6 Ways to Create a Style Statement in Your Living Room (SofaStore)

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Something for the Weekend Inspiration Swoon Worthy

14 Objects to Create an Instantly Chic Coffee Table (Oak Furnitureland)

Inspiration for Black Bathrooms (Tile Mountain)

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Something for the Weekend Festive Swoon Worthy

How to Create a Glamorous Christmas (Sofa Store)

15 Ideas for a Festive Christmas Bar Cart (Oak Furnitureland)

So that’s my wrap up of the last 4 or so weeks! This weekend I will be finishing off the Christmas decorating (yay!) and hopefully get the myriad of boxes that are hanging out in my hallway cleared back into the loft. What are you up to this weekend? Any Christmas frivolities planned?


Image sources: Advice / Inspiration / Festive (all others my own)


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