Okay, that blog title might be a slight exaggeration but still – the heart-eyed emojis were in full force.

At the time of your reading this, I’ll be in Edinburgh for a fabulous little city break with my guy of 7 years – yep, it’s our anniversary (awww!) and so we decided to spend a few days in the beautiful Scottish city. We’ve both been to Edinburgh before but not together and for both of us, it had been yeeeeeeears (for me, since 1999) so I’ll be sharing more on what we got up to there soon!

In the meantime, I just wanted to pop on here quickly to share two recent homes I’ve come across on my travels on the interwebs because holy crap, inspirationarama. (Totally a word.)

First up, I’ve been a fan of Judy Aldridge’s work for a while now. I actually shared her daughter Jane’s quite frankly amazing home back in 2012. So when Judy decided to start from a clean slate and just buy everything from charity and thrift shops, I was pretty excited to see what she ended up with.

Talk about some sweet scores as well. Nearly everything she bought came from either the odd drive-by estate sale, thrift shops and charity shops (she said she wanted to give back which I think is pretty admirable) and she upholstered a few found pieces as well. Just goes to show what you can do when you are patient with your searches.

judy aldridge 5judy aldridge 2judy aldridge 4Judy Aldridge 6judy aldridge 3

You can check out the full story with an interview with Judy on My Domaine. All photos above Jane Aldridge.

Second home I fell for was actress Hayden Panettiere’s home by interior designer Benjamin Vandiver. I love the use of dark colours. I also need a pair of those animal print cushions now stat. The mix of patterns and materials is just inspired and I’m in awe of all the wallpaper used.

There are also so many textural elements – the velvet sofa, the mohair stools, leather, rattan, glass, mirror – this is how you create drama in a space. So fabulous I can’t even.

Hayden Panettiere 3Hayden Panettiere 2Hayden Panettiere 4Hayden Panettiere

You can check out the full story over on Domino. All images above are by Brittany Ambridge.

Have you been inspired by any particular homes lately? Which would you rather live in – Judy or Hayden’s home? I love them both so much despite being so different… can I have both?


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