So clearly I’ve been living under a rock but I recently came across the work of Gina Julian, an Atlanta-based artist on Instagram when she commented on one of my pins (incidentally about leopard print and you’ll see why in a second). I’ve spoken about art before but ya know those times when something just catches you and holds you hostage and you don’t want to look away? It was that effect her work had on me.

Marie - Art by Gina Julian

Combined with this, was the reveal of her home office, created around the above piece from her collection.

Gina Julian office

I die. The art first and foremost but that pink ceiling, the white accents, the Chinese Chippendale faux bamboo chair, the marble, the light fixture, that amazing leopard print wallpaper. Like a good little stalker, I immediately followed her on every social media channel around. Because when I fall, I fall hard.

Here are a few other pieces from her collection.


Gina says, “My art philosophy is very simple. I draw things that make me happy, and I hope they make my clients happy, too. My work is mostly figurative with focus on subtle color combinations and unique compositions. Curved lines would be the shortest path to creating a complete image, however, I prefer to use only straight lines. This creates a complex system of disparate shapes and angles, which upon close inspection looks like chaos, however as the viewer moves away, takes on the quality of a smooth detailed image.”


For me personally, there seems to be a lot of strength in the images and as a female, I love that juxtaposition of showing a female form with harder angles – there’s something quite beautiful about it. It’s like saying, ‘Yes my skin may be soft but if you mess with me or those I love, I will **** you up.’ ;)

One of the things I always say is an easy way to decorate a space is to choose your wall art and use that to dictate the palette as Gina’s done in her office space. With Gina’s wonderful artwork, that would be pretty easy.

And just as a warning, yes, I’m completely rethinking the dining room AGAIN.

More on that one soon.

One last thing, I realised her home had been shown previously on Apartment Therapy. Her office used to look like this.

Gina Julian office before

Stunning, no? What I realised was that yes, you can adore dark glamorous interiors (like I do) but also love bright light colourful spaces (like I do) at the same time. (It’s getting them to work in harmony with one another that I sometimes find challenging.)

Go check out her entire home over on Apartment Therapy where you can see a lot more of her artwork, follow her on Instagram and check out her site here.

What do you think of Gina’s work? Do you love her office as much as I do?

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