What a weekend!! As I start writing this post, I’ve only been home a few hours from a crazy 48 hours in Munich – I’m exhausted but happy and I have so much news to tell you!!

The first thing I have to express however, is my sincere gratitude… There are times I need to pinch myself that I’m afforded the opportunities that I am – doing what I love, writing about interiors and chatting to you fabulous people. I know not everyone has that privilege (and certainly not everyone would even want that necessarily) but every single day I am grateful that you guys pop by and read my ramblings and chat to me here and on social media. I know I’ve said it a million times before but seriously, I couldn’t do what I do without you and your support.

Right, I needed to get that out first.

So for this to make any sense, I need to start from the beginning, to early this year when I was approached by mega German publishers Callwey congratulating me for being chosen as one of 15 interior design bloggers from 6 different countries who would be appearing in an upcoming German interior design book called Wohnideen – Aus Dem Wahren Leben (Home Ideas from Real Life, roughly translated). It is the sequel to a best selling publication of the same name where interior design bloggers’ homes are shared in a beautiful coffee table style book.

Wohnideen Aus Dem Wahren Leben Book

There were was a jury – mega bloggers Igor Josif of Happy Interior BlogGudy Herder of Eclectic Trends  and Ricarda Nieswandt of 23qm Stil who came together with Callwey Publishing and author Petra Harms, poured through the hundreds and hundreds of interior design blogs in Europe and chose their 15 favourites to appear.

I am thrilled that the book also showcases some of my fabulous blogging friends – Jeska from Lobster and Swan, Caroline from Patchwork Harmony and Tiffany from Curate and Display all from the UK as well as some favourites from around Europe – Mette from Monster Circus (Denmark) and Iliara of Un Due Tre Iliara (France) to name but a few. These guys are some of the best blogs Europe has to offer and sharing this privilege with them is such a huge honour.

The nice thing is, we all have hugely different styles and I love that this book has captured the individual expression and passion we all have in creating homes we love. Yes, this book is written in German but honestly, you don’t have to speak the language to appreciate the gorgeous images held within the pages. The book is stunning and inspiring and there is so much beauty captured in so many different styles and it’s a total joy to be a part of it.


Wohnideen – Aus Dem Wahren Leben is officially out on the 12th of September in Germany and I’ll share more of it with you soon, but most importantly, I’ll have a number of copies that I’ll be giving away to you guys here! Whoop! So keep an eye out for that!

Second of all, the reason I was in Munich is actually related to appearing in the book. Callwey invited all of the bloggers appearing in the book to Germany for a whirlwind day and evening alongside the very first large interior blog award ceremony Germany has ever had. Super exciting! So here is the story of my weekend…

Callwey Best of Interior Blog Awards Off to Munich

I awoke at 3:15am (!!) to catch my early morning flight from Manchester to Munich on Friday and met up with Caroline and Jeska at the airport. After a few little glitches and minor delays (always the way), we finally made our way to meet up with the other bloggers and our hosts at Porzellan Manufacktur Nymphenburg, a manufactory of porcelain since 1747, rich in history and tradition but which is creating some beautiful works of art to this day.

Porzellan Manufactur Nymphenburg paint brushesPorzellan Manufactur NymphenburgPorzellan Manufactur Nymphenburg chinese ceramicsPorzellan Manufactur Nymphenburg ceramics on shelvesPorzellan Manufactur Nymphenburg leopard plate

We then headed to Callwey’s Publishing House who publish both beautiful lifestyle books (including well known blogger and interior design authors like Will Taylor, Holly Becker, Jonathan Adler and Kelly Hoppen) as well as magazines. We toured their premises where they explained how they conceptualise their target audience with a beautiful moodboard reflecting the modern needs and desires of a fictional woman they’ve named ‘Anna’.

Callwey Moodboard

There, we heard a number of presentations including a talk by Farrow & Ball on Living with Colour and best-selling lifestyle book author, blogger and journalist, Stefanie Luxat who shared ‘How to Write a Best Selling Lifestyle Book in 10 Steps’ which was incredibly entertaining.

After some Prosecco and snacks, we all headed back to H’Otello in Munich to get ourselves together for the big award ceremony that evening held at the beautiful interior design store Kokon Lenbach-Palais.

Callwey Best of Interior Blog Awards Popup

We had a warm welcome by Dr. Marcella Prior from Callwey to start off the ceremony.

Callwey Best of Interior Blog Awards Speeches

We also heard from Delia Fischer of West Wing who chatted about 2015 trends she saw through the trend-setting bloggers within the book.

Delia Fischer of West Wing

And then it was time to hand out the three awards on the night – “Best Creative Idea”, “Best Individual Style” and “Blog of the Year”.

Callwey Best of Interior Blog Awards The Nominees

First up was the lovely Igor Josifovic who was giving out the award for “Best Creative Idea.” I didn’t get any other pictures of this part…

Callwey Best of Interior Blog Awards Igor Josifovic


**Update! Here are some pics of me accepting my award – thank you Jeska!**

Callwey Awards - Swoon Worthy Best Creative Idea 2015

I genuinely didn’t think I had a chance in hell of winning anything at this awards ceremony because I was amongst some incredibly creative and talented people. Plus, my style isn’t particularly ‘German’ at all so I was honoured enough to be a part of the book, never mind thinking anyone would actually put me forward to win anything.

When Igor announced my name I was absolutely gobsmacked. I just thought, ‘Why is my picture on the screen? What is happening here?!’ I blog because I love it and not necessarily to win anything and to be honest, it’s probably not a big deal to anyone but me but yeah, I’m human, I can’t help it – I CRIED. Oh my god. I think it was the lack of sleep and the excitement of the day and being surrounded by such a fabulous crowd and the many beautiful cocktails they were serving but I just had tears streaming down my cheeks when they invited me on stage to accept my award. I know, I’m such an emotional sap.

The other two completely deserving and lovely winners were Anastasia Benko for “Best Individual Style” and Mette of Monsters Circus who won “Interior Blog of the Year”. You really must check out their blogs because they are both so talented. Here’s a pic of us posing with our awards, all of us completely blown away! I’m sorry I don’t have pictures myself of this – I was sort of in la-la land by that point!! When I get the official press pictures, I’ll update this post!

And here’s another with Callwey, Delia, Petra, the fabulous jury and the winners…

And another of all the nominees who appeared in the book! Such a fabulous group that I CAN’T EVEN.

It was an amazing night!!

Callwey Best of Interior Blog Awards Me and the Girls

Me and my Girls – from left: Me, Jeska of Lobster and Swan, Tiffany of Curate and Display and Caroline of Patchwork Harmony

After a night of celebrations with all the nominees and dinner and drinks at a restaurant near our hotel, I finally got to sleep at midnight – yes, more than 20 hours after I’d woken up that day. It was a long, exciting and emotional day.

On Saturday, we had a bit of a much-needed lie in, a leisurely breakfast at the hotel and then in the late morning, we headed to Room to Dream where there was a little blogger styling event happening. It’s a gorgeous Scandi inspired store with lots of beautiful things and the owner, Sabine was so warm and welcoming.

Room to Dream welcome sign on door

Room to Dream blogger styling event

I love this print because it’s ALWAYS a good day for a disco.

Room to Dream good day for a disco printRoom to Dream store interiorRoom to Dream cards

A handsome, smiling bartender serving lovely cocktails just before noon never hurt any blogger event either to be fair.

Room to Dream handsome bartenderRoom to Dream store interior 2

After the event, we said our goodbyes to our fellow lovely bloggers and Jeska, Caroline, Tiffany and I went to try to figure out how to get to the large Botanic Gardens. Trying to find your way around a strange city is always a little confusing and we ended up having to say goodbye to Caroline before we even got there who headed back for her early evening flight. So Jeska, Tiffany and I had some late lunch and explored the Gardens after that. It was so beautiful and I only had my phone and my battery was nearly dead so my apologies for the lack of pictures of that! It’s definitely a must-see however if you ever visit Munich.

Bontanical Gardens Munich

Botanical Gardens Munich 2

Botanical Gardens Munich 3

We then headed back to the hotel in the evening and I said my goodbyes to Tiff and Jeska and then I was alone to ponder the last crazy 36 hours in my hotel room where I finally got the chance to really have a look at the book and marvel at the weekend we’d just had.

The book and my award

After a very early night, the following morning, I was up again at 4:00am to catch my early flight back home and whilst at the airport, I picked up a copy of Petra Magazine which you may recall me telling you in my last Something for the Weekend post, I appear in under an article entitled Die 10 Besten Wohnblogs (The 10 Best Home Blogs).

Petra Magazine Feature Swoon Worthy

Such a gorgeous article, I’m freaking out a little that my itty bitty blog is getting a bit of a shout out in Germany right now even though the Callwey thing and the magazine thing are completely unrelated – crazy coincidence, no?

Callwey Best of Interior Blog Awards trophy and book

I apologise if this post sounds at all like I’m gloating – please know that’s not my intention at all. It’s just that when things go really well, you can’t help but shout from the rooftops and show your gratitude and Swoon Worthy is the place I share my world with you so please forgive me for the long winded post.

I’m just so happy and so excited to be part of this little blogging community and honoured that people actually seem to like what I do here. Of course, today – the day after I started this mega long post, it’s back to reality – I’m sat in my pyjamas as I write, with a cup of green tea, a puppy curled up at my feet and a Pablo kitty on my lap. There are breakfast dishes to be washed, laundry to be done, bills to be paid, emails to return and articles for clients that need to be written. But sometimes life just shakes you up a little, puts you in an exciting place and you just feel GRATEFUL for the little sparks of happiness along the way.

A huge thank you to Callwey for a wonderful weekend and to Igor and Gudy for being such amazing hosts and to Jeska, Tiffany and Caroline for sharing a whirlwind weekend with me and to all the bloggers and creatives I met on my trip for being so damn inspiring and lovely. And thank YOU for letting me share my news and for your continued support! I love you guys.


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