First of all, I just want to say a HUGE thank you for all the lovely comments I’ve had on the reveal of our newly tiled front patio. It made me feel all giddy that so many of you loved it. Reveal posts are just THE BEST, aren’t they?! I love doing them. I wish I could do them every single week but alas, time and budget are conspiring against me for that particular wish! ;)

Martyn Hicks Swoon Worthy 2

Anyway, today is one really for the doggie lovers out there (and for those of you who requested more Quito pictures!). As you probably know, over the years I have loved sharing my kitties with you here on the blog because they are members of our family and of course, the cat lovers out there shared my passion so it was always nice connecting with others around our crazy cat lady/man tendencies! And now that we have Quito, it’s like all the dog lovers have come out of the woodwork! Ha! I really love hearing about everyone’s own puppy stories and advice, it’s so great to know you guys are such animal lovers as we are.

As I mentioned on my tile reveal post, a photographer was arranged to take pictures of the tiles for Original Style’s brochures. Sarah from Original Style expressed how much she’d love some shots with Quito and Meisha and so Martyn Hicks and I became some kind of weird double act trying to get Quito to pose.

Martyn Hicks Swoon Worthy 1

Well, between treats, commands and leading him around, we got some amazing pictures. I so wish there had been someone to shoot us photographing Quito because I’m sure all our neighbours must have gotten a good laugh! (They do say ‘never work with animals and children’ for a reason clearly…)

Alas, Meisha was unfortunately MIA at the time so she missed her opportunity (boo!) and Martyn is hopefully going to return at some point soon to get Meisha shots too (yay!) but I couldn’t resist sharing these Quito pictures and Martyn was gracious enough to let me publish them on the blog for you guys to see.

Swoon Worthy - Quito Sheltie -Martyn Hicks shoot 1

I figured I’d give a little update on him while we’re at it and chat between the pictures as to how he’s getting on for those of you who are interested! If you don’t care and just wanna look at cute pup pictures, that’s fine too ;)

Swoon Worthy - Quito Sheltie -Martyn Hicks shoot 8

As you can see, he’s getting bigger by the day! He’s about 15 weeks when these were taken if anyone was wondering and he’s a Sheltie. He’s just starting to lose his ‘puppy fluff’ now and has got to the awkward leggy stage!

Swoon Worthy - Quito Sheltie -Martyn Hicks shoot 2

He’s really smart and very independent which is both brilliant and challenging! We’re learning things everyday and we’ve been taking him to puppy classes in Stockport which helps both us and him.

Swoon Worthy - Quito Sheltie -Martyn Hicks shoot 3

Taking him for walks is just an experience!! Ha! He’s SO EXCITED when he goes but we’re going to start learning how to control him on the lead a little better because the boy is a puller! It’s also rather sweet that I get stopped no less than 5 times every time I go out with him by people ooohing and awwwing over him – he’s a little looker, my boy!

Swoon Worthy - Quito Sheltie -Martyn Hicks shoot 5

While these pictures appear that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, he does still enjoy chasing Meisha even though we are working hard to curb that with lots of praise and treats on those occasions he doesn’t do it and lots of distraction techniques!

Swoon Worthy - Quito Sheltie -Martyn Hicks shoot 4

Potty training is going pretty well although he still doesn’t know he’s supposed to ‘go’ when we go for walks. He always waits until we get home and just relieves himself in the garden. Sigh. But at least it’s outside, right?

Swoon Worthy - Quito Sheltie -Martyn Hicks shoot 7

He’s super greedy for food though which makes him a little easier to train – he’ll do pretty much anything for a treat so we use that to our advantage ;)

Swoon Worthy - Quito Sheltie -Martyn Hicks shoot

Even though having a puppy is really challenging, we are loving having him around. The cats are becoming more comfortable around him and we only see that improving as time goes on – fingers crossed!

Swoon Worthy - Quito Sheltie -Martyn Hicks shoot 6

So that’s my little update on Quito! Aren’t the pictures fab? Who knew our little man was so photogenic?!

A huge thank you to Martyn Hicks for allowing me to share these with you as well as being so patient as we got these shots – it was a lot of fun! And my apologies for Quito running off with your shoe and trying to hump your leg! Ha! ;) I’m so glad you had a sense of humour about all of it, you were great to work with!

For you cat lovers out there, hopefully Meisha pictures are coming soon so stay tuned for that! She’s always been so ridiculously photogenic so I’m really looking forward to that shoot and as we know, leopard print goes with EVERYTHING so she’ll look really striking against the tiles!

Have you ever had your pet professionally photographed? What do you do to get your pets to pose for you? Or maybe they just like to photobomb? I’d love to hear your stories :)


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All Quito images are copyright Martyn Hicks and have been published with permission.

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