Clearly, I have gardens on the brain right now and this post is going to be a bit of a brain dump so apologies for that. But thankfully, the sun has put on it’s hat and it’s shining brightly! Can I get an ‘Amen’?! AMEN!! I’m so happy. You have no idea how miserable this weather has been making me but it’s been glorious and sunny and WARM so the weather peeps got it right (for once ahem). How long it’ll last is anyone’s guess…

Anyway, I still haven’t made any decisions in terms of what we’re going to do style-wise for our garden refresh although the resounding opinion was to go a bit boho which I have absolutely no issue with whatsoever! I think if I can do a bit of a glam boho look and throw in a little more saturated colour by way of cushions and things, it’ll sort of be the best of both worlds. So that’s what I’m going to try and do! Time will tell if I manage it!

Someone on Facebook (thank you Sarah!) told me that Sainsbury’s has some wonderful Moroccan style garden accessories at the moment and after doing a little bit of searching online, I saw that she was absolutely spot on. The collection they have (available in store only) is rather gorgeous with a ton of brass accessories and an amazing little Moroccan table that I fell in love with.

Moroccan garden accessories

I wanted some kind of little coffee table for the bench and I knew that getting anything too large would get in the way so this little brass Moroccan table was absolutely perfect. If you are interested, they are only £24 but you better get in quick – I called my local Sainsbury’s in Cheadle to make sure they were stocking it and they had ONE left in stock. Graciously, they agreed to hold it for me and I hot-footed it over there to score my bargain. When I got there, the woman told me I was very lucky I called when I did because they’d been flying off the shelves!

Unfortunately, they didn’t have many of the gorgeous melamine plates left which I would have snapped up as well (there was only a few plates in varying sizes left) but if your local store does carry them, check those out too! They really lovely for that boho look. (Oh and they look more blue in this picture but they are actually black and white.)

Monochrome Dining set

I did however, snap up a number of their candle holders and a terranium – I reckon I cleared about half their stock! Ha! But I just can’t resist a bit of glam…

Sainsburys moroccan collection candle holders

(And no, if you are wondering, this post is not sponsored by Sainsbury’s in any way, I just love this collection!)

I also spied this quite pretty outdoor rug from Primrose recently and I quite like the pattern and the simple black and white colour scheme would really go with anything colour-wise that I might decide on.

Boho Black and White Outdoor Rug

I haven’t quite clicked ‘buy’ on it just yet but it’s certainly one I’m keeping in mind. I’m really struggling with outdoor rugs at the moment because I’ll like a pattern but won’t like the colours or I’ll like the colour but not the patterns! So it really narrows down my options. I’m trying to get away from geometrics out here but that does seem like all that’s out there! If you know of a secret source with great outdoor rugs, please share!

Obviously, I still haven’t chosen any cushions just yet and I think those will really drive any further colour at the moment – for now it’s very black/white/gold – but this is sort of what the plan is looking like for the time being…

I desperately need some colour and textiles! 

Garden Deck Moodboard so far

So that’s the story so far – and as you can see, we’re not miles further ahead than where we were on Wednesday but sometimes it’s just good to have a bit of a brain dump and see where things land, no?

Oh and just a little reminder, I’m going to be speaking at the Ideal Home Show on Sunday – I admit that I saw the timetable on the website and my heart went into my throat so if you are able to make it, I’d love to see you there!


So that’s my weekend sorted – basically working on the garden and practising my presentation for Sunday!

What are you up to this weekend? Any fab garden finds you’ve spied lately?


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