So as you may know, I used to work at AO as the Editor of AO at Home (now AO Life). I still write for their blog as a contributor and I still do some consultancy work with them as a freelancer and so when I was contacted to see if I might help out whilst they had a little blogger meet up in London, of course I wasn’t going to say no. Especially considering AO were one of the official sponsors of the LivingEtc House Tours and the blogger meet up revolved around seeing some beautiful homes that graced LivingEtc’s pages over the years.

The full Northwest London tour had 7 different homes that could be viewed but as there was a bit of travelling between each house, we only saw 4 of them on the day asΒ we were travelling down from Manchester that morning. Some of the other bloggers got to see the first two as well but for me, the tour started at House 3.

To be honest, that was absolutely fine because it ended up being my favourite of all the ones we saw (although there was a close second which I’ll share with you on Wednesday).

stain glass entrance - Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

The property itself was basically my dream house. It was Victorian, enormous and filled to the brim with original features, gorgeous flooring, stained glass and amazing eclectic finds. This was a house in which following trends was not apparent but everything had so much personality, so much interest around every corner that I was ooohing and awwing my way around.

Check out the living room – a big black feature wall with an olive green velvet chesterfield (I TOLD you, dream house for realz).

black feature wall olive green velvet chesterfield - Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

I loved this whole grouping of items. That lamp! Omg. And all the moulding on the walls. Ugh. I die.

Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

I snapped a pic of myself in front of this enormous mirror with it’s funky little console and mix of copper items on the table. That’s Amy from AO and Hannah from Hannah in the House behind me.

Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

In the other sitting area, lots of vintage paintings in mismatched ornate frames line up behind a sofa filled with bright prints.

Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

I fell hard for a pair of these vintage French wall lights as well that flanked a fireplace. They were huge and just awe-inspiring.

Vintage french wall light - Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

In the kitchen, the star of the show was this huge display cabinet filled with quirky finds.

vintage display cabinet - Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

And little details like these little boho elephants hanging from doors…

Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

Going up the stairs was a treat with all the incredible stained glass and metallic wallpaper panels and an ornate vintage chandelier greeting you on the landing.

stairwell with patterned carpet and stained glass Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

And then at the top of the stairs, this pretty little pink pompom’d lady with her beautiful backdrop of pale blue and that stunning vintage brass leaf wall light and another crystal chandelier.

vintage wall light and pink chair - Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

Into the bedrooms… the first, in Farrow & Ball Calamine (the woman who owns the home worked for them for years apparently).

Farrow and Ball Calamine - pink bedroom - Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House TourSwoon Worthy - LivingEtc House TourSwoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

In the second bedroom, a stunning silver metallic wallpaper and an incredible vintage light (I pretty much loved every single light fixture in this house – can you tell?).

Silver metallic wallpaper - bedroom with parquet flooring - Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House TourSwoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

I honestly hope that when I’m a much older lady who has travelled the world, this will be the kind of home that I live in.

vintage patchwork rug - Swoon Worthy - LivingEtc House Tour

Stylish, worldly but so much fun. And you know what I noticed as well? This was not a ‘perfect’ house – it was lived in, loved, imperfect. There were cracks in the walls, peeling paint, scuffs, the rugs were well used – and it just goes to show that you don’t need perfection to get perfection. This house was clearly loved and I loved that about it.

Stay tuned because on Wednesday, I’ll be sharing another one of the houses we saw which I also found fun and inspiring.

Anything that catches your eye? I’d love to know what you think of this amazing home.


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