As you probably know from my last post about my dining room, I’m looking to make a few changes. Now, there are other projects on the go at the moment (namely, both the front and back gardens and no, unfortunately, the weather here, while dry-ish, has been really cold and windy and not great for gardening so I haven’t made the progress I’ve wanted to yet!) and Wayne is actually in the middle of making some big changes to his ‘man cave’. I also want to concentrate on our kitchen and get a few things done there so my dining room is going to have to wait for a bit.

However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not still thinking about what changes I want to make to this room and it doesn’t mean that I’m not taking inspiration from some of the staggeringly gorgeous dining rooms out there that I keep discovering. Swoonworthy indeed.

So I thought I’d share some of my inspiration with you here today and talk about 5 things that in my eyes, makes a dining room swoonworthy…

5 Ways to Make Your Dining Room Swoon Worthy

Here so here are my Top 5 elements that keep me coming back for more…

1. Amazing Lighting

pink white and gold dining room

Okay, yes, that blush pink white and gold table is pretty ridiculously gorgeous and yes I totally want to roll around on it naked (TMI?) but that light fixture just gives me the feels. And check out those skinny sexy numbers flanking the console table at the back – I mean REALLY. Now, you know I love a bit of vintage but the lighting here is so unusual, so eye-catching that it makes a really big statement. I think with statement lighting, you can really play with scale a bit and having a teeny tiny light over a big table just looks a bit wrong. So in this case, go big or go home.

2. Contrasts

dining room with black frames and sexy light fixture

Now that dining room is not exactly my own style but wow, it’s a good one. Why? Because there are so many contrasts going on. Not just in the black frames against white walls (although I do adore that look, SEXY AF) but also in the materials. Check out how there is glass, metal, wood, linen, faux fur, plant life – all creating this textural orgasm of a room that begs to be touched. Contrasts are good in any room in any style – you need those layers of different materials to really give a room wow factor.

3. Organic Forms

black and white eclectic dining room

Okay, tear your eyes away for one second from THOSE CURVY CHAIRS (ohmahgawd I know, right?!) BUT I want you to check out the light fixture, the shell on the console, those weird skinny bowl things on the wall, the plant in the corner. All these little organic touches give a room warmth and appeal to that side of us that feels good when we go outside. When everything is straight, strong lines which you will get from your dining furniture a lot of the time, you need these little organic touches to make it feel inviting and to create a softness in a space.

4. Great Art

white dining room with black chairs and abstract art

Now I think I’ve tried pinning this dining room about 30 different times. Every time I see it, I’m like PINNINGTHISRIGHTNOW and Pinterest is all like, ‘psst yeah numpty, you’ve pinned this one already like a million times now just stop already because you’re giving me a headache.’ But it’s just gorgeous. From those sexy chairs to that amazing rug and the vintage light fixture and the lucite table, I am all over this one.  But I think it’s the artwork here that really just pulls the whole thing together. I do love a good abstract and the colours in this one – that combination of blush pink and black and white creates this cool vibe that works so well with the rest of the space. Your artwork should make a statement and as you probably know, I’m totally into BIG art right now and this one just does it for me.

5. Something Unexpected

blue dining room with large art

Y’all see that right? It’s a painting OF A RIBCAGE. WHAT. Yeah, exactly. When you throw something into a space that makes you look twice and makes you question your own existence and makes you want to burn your house down and start all over again (I am not advocating this just in case), then you know you’ve hit on something good. What kind of stuff does this? The kind of stuff you’d never expect to see. I think every room needs a little question mark in it, a ‘what is that about?’ object to sort of throw things off a bit. When things are too perfect, too staged, they look cold. You’ve got to throw your personality into a space because we’re all different and we’re all a little weird in our own way so why not share your weirdness in your home?

So I hope you’ve found a little inspiration today for your own dining rooms as I have found for mine. I don’t really know exactly what I’m going for but I know great lighting, working with contrasts, something organic, great art and something unexpected are all elements I’m going to try to incorporate.

Do any of these catch your eye? What do you think makes for a swoon-worthy dining room?


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