So technically it’s Monday and no longer the weekend but I’ve found a loophole! It’s actually a Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK and many of us have the day off for a glorious 3 days of fun in the sun (if the weather holds) and so, therefore, STILL THE WEEKEND. Yesssss! See what I did there? It totally wasn’t because I’m really late with this post. Oh no. Ahem.

Anyway, whether you are enjoying a day off or have just started your week, it’s time again for my roundup post of all the different articles I’ve written around the web and the places I’ve been featured. I create so many advice and how to articles that obviously do not sit on Swoon Worthy that I thought you might like to have a read when you are relaxing and killing some time! It’s also an opportunity to thank those that have featured me on their own sites as well via things like interviews so you can learn a little more about me. I figure it’s easier for me to do this all in one post than have loads of posts promoting these things and if you would like to read them, you can. If not, no hurt feelings, I promise!

Shall we get started then?

A big thank you to Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Company who chose my home as inspiration forΒ adding unexpected colour to your home. Being in the same company as The Makerista and The Little Green Notebook makes me kinda giddy and go all #fangirl.

Swoon Worthy colourful bedroom

I was also featured on Karolina Barnes’ blog in a Blogger Spotlight which includes some of my tips for newbie bloggers as well as what my design process entails. Thanks Karolina!


I also did a podcast this month (my first!) all around being a freelance blogger on (obvs) Being Freelance with Steve Folland. So if you are a blogger looking to see if the freelance life is for you, then it might be worth a listen. You’ll also find out if I ever had a wildly bizarre hunting casualty. For reals. It was good fun, what can I say.

I think my favourite post I’ve written this month was over on Oak Furnitureland: 10 Style Lessons You Learn in Your 30’s. It’s just a bit tongue in cheek and ya know, rules are made to be broken but it was just fun to write and whether you are looking forward to your 30’s (lucky cow!! ;) ) or well past them (like I am!), I’d love to know if you’ve broken any of these rules yourself! ;)

10 Style Lessons You Learn in Your 30s

I also did a little roundup of my favourite 8 DIY Cushion Covers You Can Make This Weekend with so many great tutorials linked on that one. Be sure to check out two of my favourites – Shannon from Burlap & Lace’s black and white designer inspired pillows and that fabulous pink and gold leaf number from Design Love Fest.

DIY Cushion Covers

I don’t know if I mentioned on here that we got a new shed but what we’re going to be doing with it has been playing on my mind and that led me to write Spring Garden Ideas in Black and White. I love the contrast it provides to all the green outdoors and just makes such a beautiful base for colourful flowers. There’s lots of great inspiration on that post so do check it out if you’re looking at a garden refresh or makeover this summer.

SW black and white striped chairs and patio

Now you know I’m a fan of warm metals so writing 10 Ways to Add a Little Sparkle with Brass and Copper is pretty much a no-brainer. There’s lots of pretty inspiration in both warm metals and I give a few tips on how to use it without making your home look like Liberace has just moved in.

Gold side table

Speaking of warm metals, I was over on AO Life talking about 10 WaysΒ to Incorporate Copper in Your Home. There’s no doubt this is a huge trend in the UK at the moment and I see it catching on in the US as well. While copper will never replace brass as my one true love [insert heart eye emoji here], it’s my favourite alternative and works so well with so many styles.

copper in the kitchen

And clearly theΒ monochrome trend has hit as I did another post for AO with this theme in mind: Black and White Done Right. As a colour lover, I don’t think I could manage to live in a monotone world but there are so many delicious ways to create real drama with black and white. And the secret is in what you do in the middle notes – what are they? Well, you’ll have to read the article to find out.

black and white gallery wall

I also talked about Using Blueprints as Art – I love this look and it works so well to really ground a space. I was also so inspired by Brynn’s amazing DIY over on The Gathered Home that I chatted a bit about that as well – you really need to go check that out!


Over on FADs blog, I’m sharing with you my secrets for How to Make Your Guests Feel Like Rock Stars. Oh yes, it’s one thing to throw them a duvet and a pillow and it’s another thing to make them feel like they’ve just walked out of a posh hotel. While I would not advocate your guests acting like rock stars (I mean, you don’t want your TV thrown out of the 2nd story window), you can certainly make them feel like VIPs with my tips.

water or tea station

Over at Lighting Majestic’s blog, I talked about Choosing Hallway Lighting with Wow Factor. I may have even talked about Kim Kardashian’s house. I know, I know, kill me now but seriously it’s GORGEOUS. And you don’t have to have K & K’s budget to do it, I promise.

Hallway Lighting 2

And finally, over on Tile Mountain, I’m still dreaming of having a blue and white kitchen and finally getting some things sorted in my own (which clearly has taken a back seat to the One Room Challenge but hopefully that’ll still happen soon!) so I decided to share Get the Look: Blue and White Kitchens.

deep blue kitchen with marble tiles

Clearly I had kitchens on the brain this month even after I purged my love of blue and white so if you still fancy the white kitchen trend (I mean, it’s a classic, you can’t not, right?), then I talk about How to Create the Perfectly Cosy White Kitchen there too.


I also did a little research on The New Classic Metro Tile as well as all it’s modern day interpretations so if you want to learn a little bit about that and be inspired by some gorgeous designs, then head on over.

mini metallic metro tile

Whew! That’s a lot of words out of my head and onto a screen, no?

Well, while I spend my Bank Holiday today getting the finishing touches on our office remodel and taking pictures, I hope you are having a great Monday no matter what you are doing. How was your weekend? Get up to anything exciting?


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