How many times can you makeover one really cheap pine chest of drawers? Apparently, the answer is infinitely.

Want to find out how to jazz up boring pieces of furniture? Check out my cheap and easy DIY wallpapered chest of drawers.

Because this chest of drawers has actually seen FOUR makeovers including the one I’m going to show you today. I can’t seem to stop myself but it’s just so easy to give it a different look that I thought I’d share the process with you today.

Want to find out how to create these DIY wallpapered chest of drawers? Check out how to update boring pine furniture!

But first, I want to take you through it’s incarnations. It started out as just plain pine long ago (it must be at least 10-11 years now so I don’t have a picture of it) and I think it cost me about Β£50. All that time ago, I painted it a creamy white and put some chrome shell pulls on it – that’s makeover #1. It was originally in the bedroom of my old house but I used it in the dressing room when we moved in here until I replaced it with a larger set of drawers.

Once that happened, I decided to use it to house our extensive DVD collection in the living room. I painted it black and wallpapered the drawers with leftover Cole & Son’s Cow Parsley wallpaper to tie in with the colour scheme back then. That was makeover #2 which you can read about here.

Check out the four makeovers my DIY wallpapered chest of drawers have had over the past few years.

Then when we DIY’d the new TV stand, the black suddenly no longer worked. So I painted it white and spray painted the handles gold. So that was makeover #3 which you can read about here.

Well, as you probably know, the wallpaper in here changed recently to my beloved Sian Zang Summer Tropical Bloom and alongside that, a new palette was introduced. The yellow still worked fine with this new palette but I knew when I put it up that I’d want to change out this little chest of drawers to match the wall and pull the olive/raspberry palette over to that side of the room as well.

Update your boring furniture with my DIY wallpapered chest of drawers.

Alas, I had barely enough wallpaper in my one roll to cover the wall, nevermind an extra metre to cover this little chest of drawers. Happily, Sian Zeng sells her wallpaper in one-metre lengths as larger samples where you might want to see the entire pattern repeat and she happily sent me one of these to allow me to cover my chest of drawers.

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How to Wallpaper a Chest of Drawers

(it’s remarkably easy!)

How to Wallpaper a Chest of Drawers with my super simple DIY!


What you need to create my DIY wallpapered chest of drawers.


Step 1

Decide first which part of the pattern you would like and where. As I knew I wanted the dark pink blossom relatively centred on my chest, this meant that my bottom drawer would align with the bottom of my wallpaper sample and any excess would come from the top of the sheet. You may need to remove from both the top and bottom to get the positioning of the paper on your drawers right.

Step 2

Removing the hardware for my DIY wallpapered chest of drawers.

Mark the inside of each drawer with a number as you take them out – this is optional but it may make it easier to remember the order in which to paper them. Remove the hardware from your furniture. If you are replacing the hardware, now’s the time to drill for the new holes. Obviously, I was re-using the same hardware so I didn’t need to do that.

Step 3

Tracing the drawers for my DIY wallpapered chest of drawers.

After laying out the paper with the pattern side down, I started with the bottom drawer, aligning it with the bottom of the wallpaper where my pattern would start. Using the bottom of the wallpaper and side as a straight edge, I positioned the drawer front on the paper and simply traced around the other two sides with a pencil.

Step 4

cut paper out

I then carefully cut out the paper.

Step 5

cover face of drawer with modpodge

Using a sponge brush, I covered the drawer front completely with Modpodge, taking care to ensure the edges were all totally covered in the glue.

Step 6

stick down wallpaper

I then pasted the paper to the drawer front (make sure it’s the right way around!), smoothing it down and making sure it aligned perfectly at the edges.

Step 7

cover wallpaper with modpodge

I then covered the top of the wallpaper with more Modpodge to seal it, again taking extra care around the edges to ensure it was completely stuck down around the whole drawer.

Step 8

wallpapering all drawer fronts

For the next drawer, I again aligned the bottom of the paper where I had just cut to the bottom of the drawer front and repeated tracing, cutting and gluing. This continued until all the drawers were done. Make sure you place your drawers the right way around – you don’t want to accidentally paste one of the cuts upside down ;) The Modpodge goes on white but dries clear and creates a protective bond so don’t worry if the pattern looks a little cloudy – it will dry clear.

Step 9

poking holes for hardware

Once all the drawers were done and the glue was dry (it doesn’t take long, less than an hour) – I used a small screwdriver to poke the holes where the handles were to go through. I reattached all the handles and admired my handiwork!

My DIY wallpapered chest of drawers in situe within my living room.

At some point in time, I’d love to replace this chest with something a bit taller, a bit more vintage and in a wood finish but for now, I’m really happy with the new look. I considered getting new hardware for it but to be honest, I didn’t fancy spending the money on it, knowing it was just a quick fix (the whole thing took me less than an hour).

You can see how it now ties in better with the rest of the room and I really like how the white background of the paper works nicely with the white TV stand.

My DIY wallpapered chest of drawers in situe.

So that’s my little makeover for the day! What do you think of the most recent chest of drawers makeover? Or do you think it’s time for me to scrap this thing already and stop making it over?! ;) Do you have any furniture that’s been made over multiple times? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Disclaimer: I received my wallpaper sample at a discount for my review from Sian Zeng, but of course, as always all words, images and opinions are my very own. Thanks for supporting the businesses that support Swoon Worthy.

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