I can’t stop myself looking at wallpaper. It’s like a sickness. And while I enjoy the wallpaper I have in my own home, I can’t help but consider adding more of it…

Take a look at the statement-making, wow-factor-creating wallpaper designs that I totally have a massive heart-eyes-emoji style crush on right now

So today I’m going to share some of the wallpaper designs that have caught my eye recently. Statement-making, wow-factor-creating wallpapers that I totally have a massive heart-eyes-emoji style crush on.

Now I’ve got a ton of projects on the go right now and I’m BUSTING AT THE SEAMS to share them with you but they aren’t quite ready to share just yet. So in the meantime, I’ll just going tell you that there is a very good likelihood that one of these wallpapers will be going somewhere in my house – I’m just waiting on a sample and if it looks as good as it does here, then I’m going for it.

So what are our choices… well, let me just tell you…

First up, do you remember my relentless search for the perfect leopard print wallpaper? It seemed to me that there was only very very expensive or very very cheap options and nothing in between. Well, my friends at Graham and Brown must have heard my call because they’ve released a rather sexy set of wallpapers called ‘Skin’. This is my favourite, a leopard print on a white background and it’s a mere £20 a roll!

Graham and Brown Skin Wallpaper

Next up, I do love my boho jungle schemes and this one is so rich in drama and mystery and all those gorgeous little critters are just so cool. It’s from Witch and Watchman and it’s called Amazonia Dark. I can totally see this in a dining room with the lights down low, can’t you?

Amazonia Dark Wallpaper

This next designer is a little new on my radar but it’s Summer Tropical Bloom, just released by Sian Zeng who creates the most fantastical illustrations with so much detail and depth. Again, you have that sort of ‘jungle’ feel but it’s much softer with leaves and florals intertwining gracefully.

Sian Zeng summer tropical wallpaper

For something a little more gentle, my next pick is from Sandberg called ‘Raphael’ from their New York Stories collection and whilst it comes in a rather amazing deep blue colourway, for some reason, I prefer this more muted version – it’s soft but still interesting and the tones really play off one another giving it a fantastic depth.

Sanberg Raphael wallpaper

Now if you want something a bit bolder, then may I introduce you to House of Hackney’s Castanea wallpaper. I love the deep plums and pinks mixed with the vivid green of the leaves. There’s so much movement in this but I can see it working beautifully in a conservatory or even a brightly lit living room as a feature wall. Taste of summer right there.

House of Hackney Castanea Wallpaper White

And last but certainly not least is Matthew Williamson’s Bird of Paradise. Now, I may be being swayed by that simply incredible pink feather tree (WHAT?!) and those gorgeous chairs and well, everything about this room but isn’t the wallpaper lovely? I love the play on yellows and pinks. Just so pretty and it reminds me a little bit of the wallpaper I used in my dressing room.

Matthew Williamson Bird of Paradise wallpaper

So those are my picks of wallpapers I’m getting all hot and bothered over at the moment – which is your favourite? And more importantly, can you guess which wallpaper I’m planning on using and in which room? I’d love to know what you think!



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