It’s that time of the month again when I do my little roundup of different things I’ve been chatting about and places I’ve been featured over the last month! If you fancy having a little stroll through blogland, then let me offer you a glass of champers as your host. If you don’t, no hard feelings, I promise!

Right! So this month I have to first say thanks very much to the following websites for featuring me:

  • Canadian lifestyle online magazine, Her, launched last month and I was their very first blogger interview!
  • Anther newbie magazine from the UK called HomeStyle launched recently and they interviewed me on their brand new digital site.
  • I was also interviewed by Posh Flooring this month – thanks guys!
  • Simplified Building (US site this time – last month it was UK)  shared my bathroom and the shower curtain rod made from materials purchased from their UK site.
  • Troov does a weekly feature sharing all their favourite blog posts and they shared my recent post about my infatuation with Blush Pink.

Thank you all, it’s much appreciated! :D

I also have to say a MASSIVE thank you to my reader, Roslyn, who read that I really wanted the Adore book and sent it to me – from Australia!! – along with a beautiful scarf in all my favourite colours. Thank you so much Roslyn, you absolute star you! I was really touched by her generosity and I’m definitely going to be paying it forward :)

Instagram Adore Book

(And if you want to see me wearing the fetching scarf, check out my Instagram feed!)

So with the all-important thank you’s completed, I wanted to also let you know that I’ve been kept busy rambling about interiors for various different sites.

On the Lighting Expert, I recreated this amazing monochrome dining room by Karen Wolf Interiors using lots of pieces from affordable online retailers.

karen b wolf interiors dining room

Over on Oak Furnitureland’s blog, I talked about the raging trend for home bars and took things a little beyond the bar cart – it’s easy when you know how…

Bar Cart Styling 1

I also talked about 7 Creative Bedroom Ideas to Try this Weekend. Oy, get your head out of the gutter! It’s about really simple ways to add a bit of life to what tends to be the most neglected room in the house.

Decorative Cushions

Over on AO Life, I discussed How to Prepare Your Home for Spring. So it’s time to put away the faux throws and add some texture, colour and life for the new season (and if you missed my Living Room refresh, you can see how I applied what I talked about there!).


Over on Tile Mountain, I talked about Dulux’s Colour of the Year Copper Blush. Admittedly, I think it’s a much better choice than murky Marsala. My preference is to combine it with soft greys and white. However, when I saw this crazy good restaurant, I had to include it because yeah. I can get behind this sexiness.

commercial use of copper blush

And finally, over on FADs blog, I talked about How to Make Your Bedroom Totally Chic in 6 Steps – like using one really stand out pattern. For the others, go check out the post.

standout pattern

So that’s it for March’s posts! Hope you have an amazing weekend and don’t forget – if you are looking for Spring shopping bargains, check out my Little Black Book! There’s lots of great discounts to be used up!


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