So first of all, I just wanted to let you know that The Little Black Book will soon be released to the public! So if you didn’t get a chance to subscribe to see it first, well, never fear because Monday is the day I reveal all my favourite places to shop! Stay tuned for that… And now on with today’s post!

While my obsession with navy isn’t going anywhere any time soon, there’s another colour that I’ve been thinking about lately. And from the title of my post, you’ve probably guessed what it is. I have a lot of people ask me how I ‘get away with’ using so much pink in my decor and while I tend to use it just as an accent here or there, I have to admit, Wayne – at least in it’s current form – has no issue with it. Now, this has not always been the case but as time has gone on and he’s learned to trust me, he basically just lets me get on with it. I am currently considering a pale pink for a certain room in my home but you’ll have to wait and see what I decide (and if Wayne lets me!! Ha!).

Considering Calamine Farrow and Ball

Yes, I have to admit, I’m loving that palest of pink so much lately, especially in combination with sexy black, white and gold. Oh yes, come to mama. So today, being that it’s Friday and it’s like, so fetch, I figured I’d share some of my favourites lately.

blush pink bedroom with poster

I think the trick to using pale pinks in your interior without it getting too ‘sugary’ is to butch it up a little and throw it off. I love how in the bedroom above that amazing James Bond print just immediately makes it about a million times cooler. Without that print, this room would still be great (I mean, that light fixture, right?!) – but ol’ Roger Moore there just takes it to another level.

pink walls with black gloss fireplace

Again, it’s black gloss making everything just go all sexy and rock n’ roll all over that blush pink. Throw some gold into that palette and I’m all over it.

Sally Wheat put this image up on Instagram last year and the entire world wept with joy. Why? Because that completely bonkers but completely necessary rug and those sexy floor lamps combined with a blush pink curved sofa is EVERYTHING PEOPLE. EVERYTHING.

sally wheat

And you didn’t expect me to talk about this colour combination without mentioning Christine, did you? Oh, you guys. You know me so well. But REALLY LOOK AT THIS. There. are. just. no. words.

christine dovey

Calming down a little now. I thought I was getting hot flashes for a second. This next one is good too though – emerald green and blush pink for the win… and what? You want to add some sexy animal print? Oh go on then.

pink and emerald green living room

Ok, last one – this is from 47 Park Avenue and of course you’ve seen this before butΒ Michael is so ridiculously stylish it makes my teeth hurt. Black walls, a pink sofa and that chandelier. BOOM.

47 park avenue

So…. now that we’ve had our little taster of blush pink in combination with total and complete sex appeal, is this a colour you’d use? Go on, I love it when you make me blush.

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