Well, my lovelies… I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve been asked by Linda of Calling it Home to participate in the One Room Challenge™. Now, if you aren’t familiar with the ORC, Linda organises 20 different bloggers to all transform an entire room in 6 SHORT WEEKS.


Now, 6 weeks might sound like a long time but I can tell you from experience that this is not called ‘Challenge’ for nothing. It’s a lot of work in a very very tiny time period.  Some of the past ORC bloggers have created some amazing spaces in that time. Oh and this is not a competition – there’s such an amazing atmosphere of support amongst the participants because we are all doing very different things on very different budgets. I can’t express how excited and nervous I am about taking part. In this post, I’ll be sharing just a few of my favourites from past One Room Challenges™. The bar is set HIGH, my friends – very high.

Design Daredevil ORC

Design Daredevil – One Room Challenge Reveal

I have discovered so many amazing blogs in previous challenges as a spectator and I have excitedly watched rooms transform from so-so to spectacular so to be asked to participate is an incredible privilege – I can’t wait to get started.

Pink Pagoda ORC

The Pink Pagoda – One Room Challenge Reveal

The challenge officially starts next Wednesday, 1st April at 8am EST (that’s 1pm here in the UK so my Wednesday posts will be going live a little later than normal) and then updates are provided every Wednesday for the following 4 weeks with the final reveal (gulp) on Week 6 – Wednesday, 6th of May.

At this moment, I’m not allowed to say which room it’s going to be. But if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you can probably guess! *wink wink*

Christine Dovey ORC

Christine Dovey – One Room Challenge Reveal

So… that means that as of next Wednesday, 1st April, I will be welcoming a lot of new readers to Swoon Worthy, eager to see the start of my ORC and while many of you have been with me at the very early start of this journey, I hope it’s okay that I’ll probably be repeating a bit of that for the sake of any new peeps.

Waiting on Martha ORC

Waiting on Martha – One Room Challenge Reveal

However, the following few weeks are going to be like a firecracker under both me and Wayne. We have A LOT of work to do in a very short time (6 weeks! Ack!) and the room will be progressing quickly so be sure to stop by to watch the progress (and witness any disasters).

I’m also going to be letting you know who the other 19 amazing participants are. Some of these bloggers I have long admired and are so inspirational – so to work alongside of them – well, I’m a little starstruck I admit! I hope I don’t appear all #fangirl but I probably will. Hey, I’m only human.

Design Crisis ORC

Design Crisis – One Room Challenge Reveal

You can click on any of the images in my post to be taken straight to the past ORC bloggers projects above and see the kind of quality that is produced in a very short space of time. It’s incredibly inspirational, I promise. But before you do that I need to tell you one thing…

It’s not just the official 20 bloggers that participate. There’s also an opportunity for YOU to get involved. Oh yes, you didn’t think I was going to have all the fun, did you? You can also enter as a ‘Linking Participant’ which you can read a little more about on Linda’s website here – you just need to have a blog and a room you want to makeover over the 6 weeks and you can join in the fun too!

So… who’s ready for a total transformation in 6 weeks?? Don’t forget to join me next Wednesday for the kick off! *throws confetti*

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