Ya know how sometimes you come across a really cool online retailer and just think ‘OH MY GOD CAN I PLEASE LIVE IN THIS WEBSITE?’ Well, stumbling across Out There Interiors was for me this kind of experience. When they say ‘out there’ they really do mean that and with an amazing array of eclectic, unusual and inspiring items in their collection, it’s pretty easy to get lost on the site for hours just checking out all the cool and crazy things.

Are you a fan of eclectic and unusual homeware pieces? I've got a new obsession with online retailer, Out There Interiors

So partnering up with them for this and Monday’s post was a dream for me. I’m sure you’ve heard me moan plenty of times about the lack of choice here in the UK for the sort of bold, glam look that I love – but they’ve got SO MUCH of this sort of thing on their site that I’m actually spoiled for choice. When I was putting together this buying guide, I had a really hard time narrowing down my loves and so I implore you to check the site out for yourself. There is not just this sort of glam eclectic style (which is sort of how I narrowed it down) but an array of different styles – from Rococo to Modern to Retro to Glam to Contemporary to Rustic – they seriously have it all.

So come with me as I go fantasy shopping ‘Out There Interiors’…

Looking for somewhere new to pick up an amazing array of eclectic, unusual and inspiring items for your home? Check out one of my favourite new finds, Out There Interiors.


Tall Shagreen Cabinet in Cream / Braided Hoop Chair / Starburst Pendant / Gold Side Table / Leaping Zebra Wall Decoration / Gold and Black Console Table / Palm Leaf Bowl /Gilt Scroll Mirror / Vintage Style Drinks Trolley / Copper Blush 9 Door Cabinet / Pink French Louis Chest of Drawers / Brass Hanging Planter / Copper Platner Style Chair

I’m not going to lie and tell you the site is really inexpensive – it’s not. They have a lot of designer items and the price reflects that uniqueness and the quality of the products. However, I appreciate they also carry what they call ‘Designer Lead’ items which, while not really high-end, they still reflect fabulous design and are of good quality – and with that comes a lower price point. Win Win.

And let me talk a little bit about some of my choices. THERE’S A WALL ZEBRA. I mean, WHAT? But seriously, I want it. I don’t even know where I’d put it but holy crap, talk about a statement piece, right? And you don’t even have to worry about the ethical implications of something like THIS in your house (because if that’s real, then, NO. Just no.).

Love filling your home with eclectic and unusual pieces? You NEED to take a look at Out There Interiors!

They don’t just carry furniture as you can see – there are a myriad of stylish accessories as well and I have my eye on that brass hanging plant pot for it’s beautiful simplicity. In fact, I got a hanging plant recently and it’s still in it’s garish plastic pot because I haven’t decided what I want to hang it in. But yes, it’s this. This is what I want to hang it in. Sexy as, no?

And what about that copper platner style chair? Be still my beating heart. You want 70’s style glam? How about that fabulous gold and black console table? Yes please. Or, the bright pink French Louis chest? I’ll have that too. What do you mean they don’t ‘go’? Does it really matter? No, no it does not.

So stay tuned for Monday’s post because I got a rather awesome hanging chair from my friends at Out There Interiors and I pimped it out all Jungle stylee… Β sneaky peek? Oh hell, okay…

leopard print cushion and chaing mai dragon jade cushion on hanging chair from Out There Interiors

So in the meantime, what’s your favourite pick on the buying guide today? Is Out There Interiors a place you’d like to virtually live in too? Talk to me!

This post was in association with Out There Interiors but all opinions and words are, as always, my very own. I only share companies and products that I love and think you will love too!Β 


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