First, let me start by saying something in case anyone thinks otherwise: I love my olive green velvet sofa. It wasn’t particularly trendy when I got it nearly 5 years ago now but I did one thing right and that was I bought something I absolutely loved. I’ve had a bit of a ‘thing’ for olive green for a long time (like going back to the 90s) and even though you don’t see it very often in my interiors, it’s a colour I have ALWAYS loved and velvet? Yes please, I would cover my house in it if I could. And as for the Chesterfield style? Well, deep buttoned anything always makes me swoon. So, of course I love my sofa and it’s not like I’m thinking of replacing it any time soon…

And yet.

A close-up look at a stunning navy blue velvet sofa I'm currently lusting after

I mean, you’re melting into a little pool of drool right? Yep, me too. Ya see, I noticed something recently on my Living Rooms board on Pinterest (and if you aren’t following me, you should really just go ahead and do that right now. I’ll wait………………. Okay done? Great.)

I can’t stop myself pinning navy blue velvet sofas.

Looking to invest in a new sofa for your home but not sure what to go for? Find out why I'm currently crushing hard over navy blue velvet sofas.

I mean, I’ve been crushing hard on deep blue for a while.  My dining room was painted deep blue in 2013 so it was actually prior to it becoming a big trend but I’m certainly not saying I’m some kind of trend-setter here (I actually saw it done in two other blogger’s homes prior to me taking the plunge so if anything, they are the trend setters). But despite it becoming quite a big trend towards the end of 2014 and is being proclaimed as the new black for 2015, I am still in love with it (I can be quite finicky when it comes to trends – once it’s everywhere, I tire of it. Oh dear.)

navy blue velvet sofas can add a real statement to your interiors

So when I see deep blue mixed with velvet on a sofa? I’m all over it. (Not literally, that would just be weird – I mean, I don’t even know these people, can you imagine? “Oh my god what are you doing in my house?!” “What? I just wanted to cuddle your sofa….” *cue horrified expression of homeowner*)

Find out why I've currently got my eye on navy blue velvet sofas with no intention of actually buying one!


Gorgeous navy blue velvet sofas mixed with patterned cushions

I actually feel BAD about this. Like I’m betraying my own beautiful sofa. But… well, I can’t help myself. Is it okay to have an affair with another colour velvet if my sofa doesn’t find out so is therefore not hurt? The moral dilemma of my life right now. It feels so wrong… and yet feels so right.

I've got a real thing for navy blue velvet sofas at the moment, find out why!

Find out why I'm currently swooning over navy blue velvet sofas

Don’t you just want to squish your face into it? Of if you have rather more class than I do, perhaps sit delicately whilst sipping a pink martini in a vintage gold rimmed glass before throwing back your head to laugh in way that’s both sexy and unassuming?

I'm dreaming of adding navy blue velvet sofas to my home and this chaise would fit in perfectly!

Have you ever had a torrid lust for a piece of furniture that you have no intention of getting? Are you also deeply in love with navy blue velvet? Perhaps you have a navy blue velvet sofa and if so, can I come over and squish my face in it? I promise there will be no awkwardness and we’ll never speak of it again.


Image sources: Pink PeoniesErika Brechtel / Anthropologie / Apartment 34 / Luxe Addition / The Everygirl / Domaine Home / Delight by Design

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