So waaaaay back in March, I told you about a design client who I’ve been working with to give her living room an overhaul. If you haven’t seen it or don’t remember it, please click here to see the background and my design moodboard that I created for her at the time.

The good news is that there’s been some progress and I went for a visit yesterday to have a look and see how things were getting along.

Well, there have been pretty dramatic changes since I was last there and the room is really taking shape. There is still much work to be done of course in terms of kitting out the room with furniture and accessories but the room itself has undergone some pretty intensive DIY and I love how well it’s coming out.

Before getting to the good stuff, I want to show you a couple of the before pictures.

The room had become a bit of a dumping ground and hadn’t been touched since they’d moved in. My client wanted a ‘grown up’ space that was primarily used in the evenings after the kids had gone to bed that was “dramatic, theatrical and cosy” (her own words). A far cry from the dated magnolia and red colour scheme she had currently.

The fireplace and storage units were top priority aside from the walls and carpet – they had to go along with all the clutter.

So… what’s been done? Well, the entire room has been cleared, the walls stripped, plastered and painted; new sisal carpeting has been put down (originally we were going to go with wood floors in here but she was afraid bare floors might be too cold); the fireplace has been installed and new built in cupboards have been created in each alcove. I think you’ll agree even with the old furniture still there, the room already looks dramatically different.

(For those wondering, that beautiful paint colour is Dulux Hawaiian Blue 1.)

I’m so pleased with the progress. I mean, this is real life here with real budgets. And my client, like so many of us, doesn’t have an endless supply of cash to make huge changes in a very short time period. So it’s going to take time! But they’ve done a great job so far and now that the “big” work has been mostly done, what’s next?

Well, wallpaper will be added to the alcoves and floating shelves installed. Replacing the sofas and chairs are the next big purchases along with the lighting. The pink chairs in my original brief didn’t go over so well with her other half (why do men have to have opinions? lol) so we’re looking at some alternatives. After that, the area rug and console table for the far wall and finally art and accessories will come last. Still loads to do!

But what do you think about the changes so far? Isn’t it amazing what a bit of DIY and paint will do for a room?

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