So it’s nearly December and I have a bit of confession to make: I have no idea what I’m doing in terms of Christmas decorating. Oh yes, normally my mind has been churning for MONTHS on end, planning out every last detail, the colour scheme, the table… Β This year? I got nuthin. Well, maybe that’s too harsh. I have some ideas but the actually execution remains a bit hazy. Except for the fact I want to feel exactly like this in a week or two’s time:

Oh, yes, the picture of contentment with a slick of red lippy and a sparkly tree. And perfect alabaster skin. And a glamorous gown. Ok, maybe those last two are stretching it a bit.

Nevermind, I’m getting off piste here. What I want is a touch of glamour.

I think when people think of ‘glam’ in home decor, they may confuse the word with ‘tacky’. No, we are not going for “OTT-let’s-go-Liberace-on-the-house” style. Subtle glimmer, soft metallics, some natural materials to balance it all out… maybe a bit of lacquer and shine in the mix. Understated glamour is so incredibly chic, don’t you think?

So, in pursuit of my dream, I thought I’d round up some of the inspiration I’ve been checking out on the old interwebs to start that fire in my belly and figure out how to take what I already have and mix it up to create something rather special.

Who says you can’t have a sequin tablecloth? Spoil sports, that’s who. Ignore the naysayers and combine it with a stunning floral centrepiece in Christmas colours, a few votive tealights and your glam Christmas is sorted.

Every year I decorate my bar cart with fairylights but I adore how simple this little string of lights is. Lush.

I love how simple and inexpensive this would be to recreate – a few feathers from the craft store, a bit of gold glitter and thread. That’s it. Hang them from a light fixture or your ceiling and BOOM. Instant glamour.

Speaking of ceilings, what about glittery baubles instead? Black, white and gold is just the chic-est combination EVER. Don’t argue with me. You know it’s true.

And as for the table settings… oh how I adore this. I mean, the simplicity! The little snip of pine under the black ribbon and the flowers… don’t even get me started. All of this. Yes.

How about the gifts? Black and white polkadot gift wrap (I mean, you could DIY that with little imperfect spots, couldn’t you?) with a simple black ribbon tied in a bow and a touch of sparkle. It really doesn’t get any more understated glam than that.

And for the tree? Mixed metallics, pops of pink and black and white ribbon for the WIN.

How will you be decorating for Christmas this year? Any ideas? Or are you as clueless as I am?

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Image credits: Unknown / Style Me Pretty / Urban Outfitters / Ruffled / Style Me Pretty / Ruffled / Yours Truly / The Hunted Interior


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