So my dear new bloggy friend Sarah turned me on to a new app that’s starting to make waves across the interior world. It’s called Neybers and with her encouragement, I decided to give it a bit of a whirl.

The application which is available both on the web as well as on iTunes, essentially allows you to design a virtual room using preloaded walls, flooring, paint effects, wallpaper, furniture, accessories and, well, everything and anything that would go into a room.

You start by choosing your room type. You don’t have to concern yourself too much with the ‘look’ of the space just yet because virtually EVERYTHING is changeable – flooring, walls, finishes, windows, doors, etc. So you just are starting with a clean slate. You can then add all your finishes to create the architecture with just a few clicks.

After you’ve created your space, the fun begins. Just click on ‘shop’ to start dressing the room with more than 6000 items available – all from real designers and retailers with new items added every week.

With very little instruction, I found it was pretty easy to pick up and start creating. Ok, I probably lost hours in this app, because for a design junkie like me (and probably you), it’s just too much fun not to.

Here’s what I created…

And then I designed an equally mad dining room because I was on a roll.

I realised that it’s pretty scary what I might create if I had unlimited funds and carte blanche to design a space! But that’s what this app lets you do. Oh yes, my eclectic glam side went a bit crazy I reckon! Of course, for me, this is fantasy rather than practicality – I mean, it’s an app, why the hell not have some fun with it? On a more practical side, however, it could well be a way to create a dream room in your own home. You could certainly use it in a more practical manner ;)

To be honest, these were just my newbie attempts. Some of the designs on the site are serious jaw-dropping and incredibly inspiring. And even better, if you want to have a look at a room you love, you can easily ‘enter’ it and see the items, filters, light effects and everything that went into creating it. It’s a great source of inspiration.

Now one thing you should know… this is still in Beta so there are a few small glitches that probably need to be worked out. I couldn’t figure out how to get one item behind another item so I basically needed to design my rooms from the outside in because each layer goes on top of the other. I’m sure there’s a way to do this (there are buttons that appear to allow you to do this) but I am impatient and couldn’t get it to work properly. (Sarah, if you know and you want to chime in in the comments, please do!)

There are also a number of items that aren’t available on the website that are available on the iPad app (this is why my dining room doesn’t have any candles in the candelabra ;)) but a note appears saying that they will be available on the web in due course. So if you have an iPad, definitely use that at least for now for the greatest amount of options available.

Here’s a video that showcases how easy it is to create a room:

In the meantime, I have to say, it’s really good fun. You can allow your imagination to go wild as there is just so much available to play with on the site and creating something from scratch is just a few clicks away.

Of course, there is also a social element to it where you can follow other users and ‘like’ and comment on other’s work (I have to admit, it was rather exciting having my first ‘like’: “OMG they like me! I’ve been accepted!!” I have issues, okay? Don’t judge me.). You can also share your designs on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

It’s really simple to sign into as well – you can do so through Facebook or via your own email and within moments, you can start creating some beautiful creative spaces!

What do you think of this new app? Is it something you would try for yourself?

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